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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I’m Nishat Tabassum Sanjena, and I completed my MIS207 course in Fall 2021 under the wonderful guidance of our respected faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan. I will share how I managed to get an A in this course to help you in your endeavors.

I’ve completed my entire course online, which wasn’t always the best experience. But with proper backup data and keeping the laptop fully charged, I was able to complete the course with ease. During exams, I used only mobile data to minimize network issues.

I found the faculty fantastic at making lecture topics relatable and easy to understand. I tried my best to stay attentive in classes to clear my understanding. I followed through the mindmaps and organized things so it was easy to remember. Also, while studying, I used to write down real-world examples to make things more relatable.

I’m sure everyone tries their best to do well in exam time, but staying persistent is the real key to success. Don’t try to swallow everything the day before your exams. Try to follow through with the classes. If you give a small amount of time every other day, you’d be able to finish everything with ease rather than trying to finish everything in one day.

I had to focus on many different courses, but I never left things for later because I knew if I procrastinated, I’d have to drown in work at the end of the semester. So I tried to finish every lab work, group work, and study as soon as possible.

Lastly, make sure you never miss a bonus mark. All the bonus vivas and assignments ensure you get all of them, so even if your exam goes a little wrong, those bonuses can cover up for that. Make sure to solve the sample questions; those were very useful. And most importantly, stay focused.

If you need any help- my Facebook profile is here