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How I got a good grade: 

Hey buddies,

This is Md. Omar Sabil. Hoping, you all doing well and having a great semester with our beloved Mr. Adeyl Khan. He is a nice person and extremely helpful, in my opinion. He has never behaved harshly. Please be patient and behave politely. Try to follow the instructions. In sha Allah you won’t be disappointed at the end of the semester.

However, I truly wish to see you guys in this hall of fame too, so I have decided to give a small guidance, which might help you a bit more to reach your desired grade.

According to the outline you will face quizzes, individual or group assignments, lab activities, project reports, mid and final. For these different tasks you have to be prepared in different ways. 

  • You must have to follow the text book to do well in the Quizzes, read properly. Eat the text book as কাচ্চি বিরিয়ানি.
  • For the LAB activities, assignments and the project, just follow the instructions.
  • Go through the slides, lecture videos, mind maps and the sample questions for the mid and final exam. 
  • Avoid being penalized because of late submission or plagiarism. This will cost you a lot.

Most important… Don’t miss the Bonus opportunities, if you want to end up with an A.

Just enjoy the lectures, work hard and avoid hacking the faculty’s keyboard.