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How I got a good grade: 

[First Semester]
Hello everyone,

I hope you guys are doing well in this pandemic. I am Rumaisha Nowshin, and I recently completed my Information System & Computer (MIS 107) course with of our honourable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan.

Like anyone else out there, I presume, I was terrified when I began doing my classes as it was my first semester. The faculty recommended that we buy a laptop for flexibility and help ease the pressure of completing our assignments. And so I followed through and bought one the next day. It was true- it made all my assignments easier to complete, and the notes were easier to read on-screen.

I made sure I had a good internet connection to avoid missing (parts of) lectures from the very first day. Reading the book and watching the lecture videos helped me a lot as well. However, what helped me the most was answering bonus questions, completing the bonus assignments, and attending classes every single day.

These bonus marks can be a blessing if you do not do that great in an exam. There are already clear guidelines for everything needed for you to achieve good grades; you just have to study thoroughly and ace it. I am truly blessed for being under such an amazing faculty and classmates, and I cannot thank them enough for guiding me through my first semester.

I hope everyone has a great semester! Best of luck, guys.