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How I got a good grade: 

Hey guys!

Let me start off by saying that you definitely don't need to hack our faculty member's PC to end up with a good grade. Jokes apart, I'm Saleem, and I did MIS207 (E-business) with Mr. Adeyl Khan back in Fall-2020. And it was a very pleasant experience.

If you're reading this, you probably want to end up with a good grade. And for this course, getting an A should actually be a piece of cake if you play the game well, trust me. Here are a few tips that might come in handy. 

  • Keeping connected during the classes and exams can be challenging. So always try to keep backup mobile data just in case. Consult with the faculty member if you have network issues, he'll surely help you find a solution.
  • A moderately functioning laptop/desktop is certainly recommended, especially for the exams, quizzes, labs, and of course, the group assignments. You might have to struggle a lot if you're continuing with a phone. 
  • All the materials are already uploaded on the resourceful website from the beginning of the semester. So studying for the course is a complete breeze. Try watching the “Lecture Videos” before attending classes. Always ASK QUESTIONS during the discussions!
  • The exams will go by swiftly too. Just make sure you know what you're writing so that you will be able to explain your answers (during the viva). 
  • There will be tons of BONUS opportunities! Don't dare miss these chances because these will certainly influence your final grade. 
  • Take a glance at the mindmap files whenever you're stuck. These files are packed with information in an organized way. And these files helped me out whenever I got stuck with a topic. 
  • PLEASE attend classes regularly and be attentive. You never know, you might even get a BONUS for this too. 
  • Try to be extra careful with the intricate details of the group project.
  • Even though the pandemic hasn't been kind to us, trust me when I say this, you won't even feel any pressure from this course at times. So managing time for all the courses should be easy.

Finally, work smart along with working hard. Always try to be one step ahead and STOP PROCRASTINATING. If you want any further help, feel free to message me on Facebook and I'll try to get back to you.:

Good Luck!