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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone!

I am Samiha Noor Kona, and In Fall 2021, I took MIS 207 (Ebusiness) under the supervision of Mr. Adeyl Khan. I was pretty concerned about how I would advance with this course and achieve a good grade because this was an important subject in my academic life and my real-world career. But the faculty made every procedure crystal clear and straightforward to follow. This helped me pass this course with an A.

I followed specific steps to ensure a decent grade. The course processes are standardized and less complicated. But here are some more recommendations for you to consider to thrive in this course and master Ebusiness.

  1. Before attending the class, prepare by going through the recorded lecture videos. The lecture videos are informative and explain the topics briefly and to-the-point manner. These will assist you in better understanding class discussions. Also, if the faculty asks any question in the class, you can easily answer that as you will know the answer from the lecture videos.
  2. It is vital that you attend every class without missing any day if you can. It will help you be updated with the course material and provide you bonus marks for full attendance.
  3. Attending only the class isn't enough; you must also engage and pay attention in class and arrive on time. The faculty notes your name if you are late for many days. This will affect your attendance and create a wrong impression for you. 
  4. Carefully select the group members for the group project as the group project holds a good amount of your grade. The group project is not very long but requires dedicated group members to complete and submit on time. Ensure that you do not overlook any key details for the group project.
  5. Prepare for the labs and do not wait too late to do the lab work because it may take some time to do it on time. Also, don't forget about the bonus lab, which will give you an extra 2 points toward your target grade.
  6. Try to ace every opportunity for the bonus vivas after every exam. You will find the answers in the question bank, and only a little effort for this vivas can give you so many bonus points to cover up for your losses. 
  7. Last but not least, for mids and final, study the past questions carefully as you will find common questions in your set as well. Practicing those will improve your revision, and you will perform well in the exams. 

I would also like to add that I contacted the faculty during office hours or after-class time whenever I needed assistance. I kept a good relationship with the CRs to stay updated about every piece of information. 

I hope this info aids you in your preparation for this course, and if you want any more support, you may contact me through my Facebook profile- 

I'd be delighted to step in and assist.