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How I got a good grade: 

How I got this grade and how it may help you too

Hello everyone,

I am Saurav Roy, and I have successfully completed E-business (MIS207) under the guidance of our respected faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan. This course will help you understand the fundamentals of E-business and business procedures and practices from the organization’s or managers’ perspective. He is one of the most helpful and coolest faculty in NSU. 

Since you are here, I am assuming you are taking the MIS207 course and looking for ways to achieve an ‘A’. I want to share some ‘Tips and Tricks’ that will help you to get you there.

Keep proper backup:

Since classes are online, backups are essentials. You need a decent laptop that provides at least 2-3 hours of backup power supply. You don’t need to buy an expensive laptop; a functioning laptop is more than enough. Also, please avoid attending class using a phone since it comes with its own set of disadvantages. Yet keep mobile data on your phone in case of Internet issues related to Broadband. You can turn on your mobile data and hotspot to connect this to your Laptop to resolve the internet issues. 

Preparing for classes and exams: 

Some points the helped me which you can follow-

For classes- 

  • See the YouTube lecture video and lecture slides the night before the class. It will definitely help you to understand the topic easily during the lectures. 
  • Always study regularly. By regularly, I mean to finish what was taught in class within 1-2 days of the lecture. 
  • Always be attentive in class. Get a comfortable spot in the room, shut the door, remove things that may break your attention, and focus on the lecture. 
  • Try your best to respond in class. It will make the lecture lively and help you clear the misconceptions regarding the topic. 
  • Still, if you have any confusion regarding any topic, talk to the faculty during office hours. Do not hesitate for even a second to contact him. He is a rather helpful and gentle person. 

For exams-

  • Finish the syllabus at least a week before the exam. Then it will help you to revise and prepare for midterms and final.
  • Preparing for the exams is a process. At first, look at the mind maps and read the slides; Mind maps are lifesavers for this course. Remember that mind maps are an essential handout that will help you get a high score in the exam. Moreover, if you want to understand a topic in detail, read that from the book, and finally, the critical part is solving the questions of previous semesters. You may get similar questions from previous semesters. It helped me to understand the question pattern and how to answer. 
  • Try to answer from an organization’s or manager’s perspective. You will get instructions on how to answer to get excellent marks. 
  • Try your best to get the bonuses. It is essential to get good grades. So, read the question bank before bonus sessions and quizzes. 
  • Even though it may not be necessary to read the book before the exam, it really helped me write better answers in the exam. 

Follow the instructions: 

There is a process for everything. Following the process will be beneficial for you. It may not get you grades directly, but these will make your journey easier. 

In conclusion, I would advise you to be regular in classes and exams, be gentle, and try your best. There is a support group on Facebook to help you resolve any course-related issue where you can get expert opinions and advice from students from previous semesters. So, join that as soon as possible. If you still have any unique question that wasn’t addressed here, you may contact me on 


Best of luck!!!