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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamualaikum everyone,

This is Shabab Ahmed. It has truly been a wonderful journey to be guided by Mr. Adeyl Khan  in the summer 2019 semester. The course is designed to make it easier for the students. By following some strategies, students can easily get good grades. Some strategies are given below for the students:

Classes: The first task of a student is to attend all the classes, half of the task is done in the class if you stay attentive. And also by attending all the classes, you’ll get a whopping 3% bonus at the end.

GA: In this course, one GA is optional and another one is mandatory, but I’ll recommend the students to submit both of them because that will help the students in answering the Broad questions in mids and finals.

IOA:  According to me the IOA’s are the most important because almost 50% of marks comes from the IOA. And by completing all the IOA’s students can easily get full marks from the MCQs and true/false section. Most of the MCQ’s and true/false questions come from the IOA.

Sample Questions: By practicing all the sample questions, you’ll surely get some questions common. And also by printing the latest paper and showing it to sir the immediate class before the exams will give you 1% bonus.

Course Website: The first thing to do is to bookmark the course website, the course website consists of all the announcements, course lectures, sample questions and many more things, in short, it has everything you need to ace this course. Also finding an error on the course website will give you 1% bonus.

Lab: You should submit all the labs including the optional labs, it will help you answer the broad questions in mids and finals & also don’t forget to bring your laptop in the lab which will give you 1% bonus.

Bonus: There are many bonuses on this course, you have to try to grab all the bonus marks. Bonuses will really help you in getting a good grade, so lookout for them.

To conclude, I would like to say that follow the instructions to make your life easy and if you have any problems regarding this course don’t hesitate to knock on the faculty's door and/or you can also contact me through Facebook:

Good luck everyone. Hope you will have an excellent journey.