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How I got a good grade: 

Hello Everyone,

 I am Shafqat Bin Shams, I recently completed my MIS107 course under our honorable faculty member Mr. Adeyl Khan. He is an exceptionally a wonderful faculty and I was lucky to be guided by him.

Every individual has their own take about the course, but if you religiously follow the directions, I think it's quite simple. My procedure towards achieving success was quite straightforward because everything was already explained clearly in the course outline.

The lecture videos were also accommodating. Everything regarding the topics were explained clearly in the lecture videos. They were posted a day earlier before the class and it guided me perfectly.

Due to the global pandemic, the whole semester was conducted through online classes, but regardless of all the difficulties, I tried to attend the online classes regularly. There were times I faced technical difficulties for instance sometimes the power was out or the internet was problematic. However, I always joined the class using my mobile phone or laptop through mobile data.

I would recommend having a strong will power and find the passion for studying not only to get good grades but to genuinely understand what you’re studying.

Best of luck to everyone. If anyone would like to reach out for some guidance regarding the course feel free to contact me on my Facebook at