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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamualaikum Everyone.
Its an honour for me to be included in this page. I am Sumaita Alim and I got the chance to do the MIS107 course under the faculty member Mr. Adeyl Khan during the Summer 2019 semester.
With the blessings of ALLAH the almighty I got an A grade in this course . This is my journey .
Intro of the course:
This course concentrates on management in information system. Its not a very easy course but if you are regular, follow the teacher’s instructions and take notes it will be easy.
The course load:
In this course there is a number of assignments- group assignments, bonus assignments etc. So yes it has a good load in here. But it is well organized for the students and if you follow the instructions on the course website it is easy to do. There are ample time to complete the assignments. Moreover in the course websites you will find instructions on how to proceed with your work. You will also get the FAQ page in the course website where you can find answers to your questions regarding the course. The faculty makes the class interactive and has methods where he makes mind maps over different topics which makes the topic easy to understand .
All you have to do is follow the course website and the faculty instructions. Please be present in classes this will help you get the bonus.
Exam preparation:
During the exams you should follow the course website instructions on how to prepare for exams. You must solve the previous questions it will help you to score high. While studying follow the ppt files and notes.
Assignment preparation:
You must not include unwanted points in the assignments. You must proceed according to the website. And be very conscious because these assignments can bring bonus points rewarded by the teacher. Be very sophisticated and professional with these assignments as our faculty is ver punctual and professional.
Hope all of you will have a great course.