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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I am Sumaiya Zaman. I did MIS107 with one of the best faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan during the Spring’20 semester. Though we had faced so many ups & downs because of the pandemic, his guidance assisted us a lot. This course is designed in an easy way which will help you to get a good grade (only if you concentrate & collaborate profesesionally). I would like to suggest some ideas that helped me to get my desired grades, I hope this will help you too.

Class attendance and participation- Try to attend all the classes with positive thinking (please do come earlier at least 5 min ago). For 100% attendance, you will get 3% bonus.

Course website- Visit the course website regularly where you will get all the updates about your course contents like- Midterms, Assignment, IOAS/Quizzes, labs etc.

IOAs/quiz- there two options, you can give either IOAS(online quiz) or quiz(offline quiz means this will be held in the class). But I will recommend you to give an online quiz cause it will help you to prepare yourself for further exams.

Group Assignment (GA) & Term Project - GA is optional yet very important. Make a group carefully, try to be creative, and give some extra effort while doing GA. One broad question will come from here.

Exams- study all the slides very carefully and must solve the mock papers which will give you an idea about questions. And, must attend the question paper solving class and bring the mock paper, you will get a bonus for that.

Lab class- Don’t miss the lab classes and try to bring your own laptops in the lab class as it carries a bonus. Another broad question will come from here(Please be attentive during your lab classes and also in your GA.).

Bonus- try to seize all the bonus marks, this will help you to get a good grade.

For any sort of problem, do contact the CR if your problem is still unsolved without any hesitation meet the faculty, he’ll help you. There is no office hour as it’s an online class still you can talk to the faculty. After every class, he’ll give 10 min extra time to consult any issues. If you still need extra time or your problem is not solved you can book an office hour.

Best of luck to you all. If you need further queries, feel free to ask