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How I got a good grade: 


I am Syed Muhammad Ali and I did MIS207 under during the Spring 2020 semester. Our time was quite different. The time I did this course was a little unusual as the corona virus pandemic was going on. So we only had the chance to give our first mid. And then there was a final assignment. Apart from all these there were IOAs or online quiz which we had to attend. You can give quiz in the class that is offline but I would rather recommend to attend online. Quiz can only be given online or offline but not on both platforms for the same quiz. Then there were labs, GAs (Group Assignment) and also term project. There are plenty of ways to earn bonuses throughout this course. Let me explain the bonuses as this will enhance someone’s grade on a different level. I would recommend not to miss any kind of bonuses. The bonuses are:

  • Have full attendance which will help you to gain 3 percent bonus.
  • Bring laptop during the lab classes.
  • Bring the questions of the previous semester (Mid1, Mid2 and Final) which will be provided in the course website before the respective exams. And solve those which you can and leave the rest which you can’t up to Ayn sir. (I think this won’t be possible for summer 2020 semester since will be conducted online)
  • Do all the GAs as they will be optional which will add more percentage to your grade.

There are also optional IOAs so try to attend those as well and those will be totally online.

Now beside following all those that I have discussed above, try to form a group which will be ready to take on the GAs and the term project sincerely.

Be responsive towards the class but don’t talk ireelevant as this hampers the attention of other students and the faculty as well. For queries keep contact with the CR as they will help you connecting to your faculty. And if this time, the finals are graded using assignment then I will recommend to finish a part of the assignment every day from the time it will be assigned which will reduce the pressure at the end. I hope this helps and if need to know more, feel free to knock me at