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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I am Tasnim Hossain and I got an A in MIS207 with our honorable faculty, Mr. Adeyl Khan, in the Summer of 2020. As the whole semester had been conducted online, it was a new experience for all of us, making it a bit difficult to adapt at first. There were certain challenges that we had to overcome such as submitting assignments on time, managing a stable internet connection at all times, etc. however, I assure you that obtaining a good grade in this class is easy so long as you are ready to put in the required time and effort. 

Managing technical issues: This was one of the biggest challenges in my experience this semester. I had to always make sure that I had enough balance in my phone to buy mobile data in case the electricity failure or the internet got disconnected. In addition, I would always make sure that my devices such as laptop and mobile phone were at least 75% charged before every lecture so I could at least attend the class and give my attendance even with the electricity failure. 

Studying pattern: The faculty would upload specific chapter lecture videos the day before the chapter was taught in class. Therefore, we would watch the videos and prepare questions for the specific parts that we did not understand to ask them in class. Please, never hesitate to ask any of your questions. He will always answer them to make you properly understand. In addition, he will ask you questions based on what he covered in the lecture videos. Hence, I would advise you to be prepared so you can answer the questions and gain full class participation marks. In my experience, the unique method of giving class participation marks is what motivated me and my fellow classmates to study harder for this course. To prepare for the exams, I would recommend going through the slides, lecture videos and mind maps. By doing this, you will be guaranteed to be able to answer questions that may come in the exams. However, make sure you understand the questions properly before answering them since you will lose marks otherwise. The faculty is very approachable and will fully clarify what the questions you will ask if you visit him during his office hours. 

Managing all four courses: Managing 4 courses online while a pandemic is still ongoing was stressful. However, I had no choice but to adapt just like everybody else. To manage these 4 courses, I had to use time management. I had to ensure that I was putting in equal amounts of time into each of my courses so I did not fall behind in any of them. Additionally, I would finish my work such as assignments and reports ahead of time and never leave it for the last second. This may sound simple but it was something that truly benefited me for all of my four courses. 

One thing in my opinion that helped me get an A in mis207 was keeping a level head and always submitting the work before its due time. Instead of waiting for the last minute, finishing and submitting the work at least 4 hours earlier would prevent any penalization due to late submissions caused by technical issues such as internet disconnection, load shedding, etc. In addition, I made sure that I was following the guidelines provided so I would not lose out on any marks, especially in case of group assignments. I was very fortunate that I got an excellent group, including our group leader, Labiba Rahman, who ensured that we got work done properly ahead of time. 

Please, do not fret if a quiz or mid exam goes badly. The faculty curves a lot for everyone which ensures that everyone has an equal chance to get a good grade with proper effort. He also provides a lot of bonuses so it is possible to recover back any marks you could have lost before. In case of any enquiries feel free to contact me on Facebook