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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone, 

This is Tasnim Sultana Jarin. I'm so glad to share my experience of how I ended up with an A in the MIS207 course. 

  • First, attend all the classes and don't be late. When you come in late, it disturbs the class and will create a wrong impression.
  • Secondly, give a relative answer when the faculty asks a question in the class.
  • You must go through the question banks before the exam for your midterms and quizzes. For broad questions, you can solve the previous semester's questions which will give you an idea about how to write and answer the questions correctly.
  • Last but not least, try to get all the bonus points. It will help you a lot in the end! Also, make a group with good people who will deliver their best in the report. 

You must maintain these things throughout the course and make a place of honor in the Hall of Fame.