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How I got a good grade: 

Hello guys,
I am Yaron Amin , and I have done the course MIS 107 –Management Information System with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Summer 2019 semester .I will suggest you guys to remember the following points.

  • Please be regular when it comes to attending lecture. Near about 90-100%. Attendance gives you the chance to get 3 more marks at the end,that’s equivalent 1 grade !
  • If possible please buy the book- Introduction to Information Systems 16th edition by George M. Marakas and James O Brien or collect the online pdf. Although the lectures and slides are good for your preparation, you must keep this book for your extra benefit.
  • Although all online IOA are optional, you get an extra benefit in creating account in course website and attending those IOA’s. This is because all IOA questions are generally the questions in the exercise of your book and you get a plenty of time (often 2 days) to submit online. During the IOA’s, search the book and online for anwers.
  • Bring laptop on every lab classes if possible and get 1 bonus marks

The faculty believes in professionalism. Please be as professional as possible.

  • Don’t be late in classes, lab or exams .
  • Please don’t cheat in exam. This will result in fails/
  • After submitting your Group Assignment (GA) give your presentation in the office hours .You are not getting any bonus mark if you are missing presentations.
  • Please don’t copy others while constructing the report .Again; Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

For exams I will advice you guys to go through the previous semester’s question paper. Please solve the questions and prepare answers in notes. Solving earlier question papers gives you bonus marks. Check your answers consulting with the facylty during the office hour. You then have a huge opportunity to get more that 90% in Mids and Finals. Also, if possible include diagram .I remember– “Diagram is easy and a simple way to represent on point answers to the questions."
Although I am majoring in Economics , I find a lot of interest in Management Information Systems after I have done the course. I wish I could get his classes again. I strongly believe anybody from any department will like Management Information Systems after doing course with Mr. Khan. I think his background as an Electrical Engineer especially prepares him to teach a course like Management Information Systems. I hope that all of you will have an amazing semester. For further problems please knock me in facebook. My facebook profile link is -