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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I am Zia Mashrur Ahmed, and I successfully completed the MIS207 (E-business) course in Fall 2021. I want you guys to know that Mr. Adeyl Khan is one of the best faculty members I have come across at NSU. He will teach you the professional way and aid you throughout the course.

Since I had done the course online because of the pandemic, I maintained a stable internet connection and a charged laptop. To get a good grade, try to grab all the bonus marks during the course, which you would find in plenty. 

All the more, I would suggest you guys attend all the classes, submit all the exams in due time, and be responsive in the class. The simple things mentioned above are enough to get a good grade in this course. 

Furthermore, if you need any assistance regarding the course, I am just a knock away from you guys.