You will have a few opportunities to improve your grades using bonuses.
These bonuses help you recover parts of your grades that you missed during
midterms, finals and similar. Follow the relevant section to figure out how
you can get bonuses.

Group Assignment, Term Project Bonus

You have to show that you made efforts towards group assignments.

  • The opportunities will be announced.

  • Only members who are present will get the bonus.

  • You have to do a complete presentation.

Midterm 1, Midterm 2 and Final Bonus

Before any midterms or the final, there are several opportunities for
bonus. These are adjusted to your Midterm/final grade and posted online
within. In general 1% bonus for each instance.

Example situations

  • Finding errors that could potentially confuse students.

    • Errors in Lecture slides, website, examination questions, IOAs
      (Online Quiz).

    • Typos that do not confuse students are not eligible.

  • Elaborate course topics with sophisticated examples (teachers

  • Special performance by students who are working in the real world.
    Consult beforehand.

  • 3% final bonus for having outstanding attendance (100% recorded

  • Other opportunities are announced.

General Bonus Policies

  • Everybody has equal opportunity to participate in it.

  • Your participation will be recorded immediately and posted on the
    course website within a week. In case your participation is not
    recorded, you cannot get a bonus.

  • You cannot have a dispute on bonuses after the final grades are
    posted. Check grade-tabulation beforehand.

  • A maximum of 3% bonus added per section (e.g. Midterm 1 bonus).

  • You cannot get more than 100% in any section (e.g. M1 bonus).