Makeup is possible only for individual evaluations- individual assignments and midterms. Makeup is not possible for finals, IOAs and/or group assignment. Only accidents/medical emergencies concerning you and/or your immediate-family are acceptable.

If you are eligible for a makeup, please follow the section below

Step 1: Prove that you have been attentive by finishing all the optional assignments

  • [Checklist] Present all GAs/Term Projects Send videos for all labs
  • [Checklist] Get 80% plus for all the IOAs

Step 2: Email an online application Send a formal application explaining why you missed the assignment.

  • [Checklist] Provide with proof(s) of a valid reason you mentioned in the application. E.g. in case of a high fever you need to attached a doctor's note and/or prescription. You might need to bring in your parent/guardian in case your proofs are not convincing enough.
    • Include your name, NSU ID, course and section, semester, missed examination description, date of the missed assignment.

Step 3: Online scheduling and a hard copy of the application (with supporting documents)

  • [Checklist] Schedule the makeup within 3 weeks. Propose a date/time by consulting with other students who missed the same examination (across sections, via Facebook group)
  • [Checklist]  Use the same application that you sent online- include the date/time of the exam. Include one of your parents/guardian's signature of approval, phone number and a suitable time to call.
  • Step 4: Appear for the exam

    • The exam is open book/notes.
    • The syllabus is the same as the missed exam.
    • The question pattern is subjective (broad questions and short questions only) and with limited choices. It will be more comprehensive in nature.

    Setp 5: Grade posting

    • Your final grade will reflect your makeup score.