Important facts about plagiarism

  • Unaware students plagiarize unintentionally.
    • Often student do it unconsciously.
    • Sometimes plagiarism might seem socially acceptable as the penalties were not harsh enough.
  • Plagiarism is often easy to identify by using special software to search through digital content including Google search. There are also specialized tools to detect plagiarism like
  • Copying somebody else's content is a form of plagiarism. In such cases, all parties are guilty.
  • Students are responsible for educating themselves about it. 
  • If you let another student copy your coursework both of you are same guilty of plagiarism
  • NSU does not allow plagiarism and has strict policy regarding it.  

Avoiding plagiarism

  • Citing sources properly
  • Do not copy anybody else's content or let anybody copy your content
  • Do not copy paste from the website, textbook or similar
    • Rather than texts directly from the textbook- use your own words.
  • Increase you confidence on you skills and knowledge
  • Understanding the fact that plagiarism is not a way to help your fellow student (friends). Consider other methods like group study and similar.


  • If plagiarism involved proxy and/or copying, all the students involved will be penalized.
  • You will get an F for the course and you will be reported to the department head
    • Your assignment grades will be set to zero.
  • If you were unaware of plagiarism then you can appeal for a reconsideration. In such a case, you have to do the followings
    1. You will be required to write a formal letter of apology explaining
      1. Why you did it ?
      2. Why it was wrong (explain five different points/impacts/demerits)?
      3. What should you do to avoid plagiarizing in future (explain five different points/actions)
      4. What will be your message to other students who might be thinking of doing the same (explain five different points)
    2. You will be required to create/sponsor a 6'x4' or larger poster to raise awareness about the type of plagiarism that you did.
      1. Your poster should include both graphics and text including course, section, and instructor information (in small letters, as the sponsoring individual).
      2. Get your poster design approved before you print/draw it.
      3. You will need to get permission and design/print the poster.
      4. It should be displayed in the NSU common area or near the elevator for no less than a week.
      5. Make sure it is secured (by talking to guards/other ways) or you have to draw it again
    3. You will still get a zero grade for the assignment. If it is a Midterm, you can bring in your parents/guardian for a makeup.

What is Plagiarism, lying and copying?

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense often caused as a student uses someone else's work as his or her own. Read more at In another form, plagiarism is the incorporation of someone else's work without providing adequate credit or when it is not appropriate.

Copying is a common form of plagiarism. Plagiarism is an academic dishonesty and so it lying. These are serious offenses and these are dealt with severe punishments particularly in an academic setting.

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