MIS107 | Midterm 2

Assignment Type: 
Individual Assignment
Assignment Number: 
Assignment Description: 
Midterm 2
Delivery method: 

In class examination.

Due Date: 
15 March


Time: Class Time Venue: Class Room

  • Review your M1 script before you attempt M2 exam.
  • Bring in: Pen, Ruler

Total Points – 40 | Duration – 70 minutes

  • Broad Question (1 out of 2) – 10 pts
  • Short Questions (5 out of 7) – 10 pts
  • Objective Type (MCQs and/or True False) – 20 pts

Teaching/Consulting Areas: Business Policy and Strategy, Business Process Management, Technology Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Operations and Supply Chain Management

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About the instructor: Adeyl Khan (Ayn), Core Faculty Member, School of Business and Economics, North South University

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