How to prepare for a class

24 hours before a class session

Review discussions later

  • MIS107 Lecture Discussion Videos
  • MIS207 Lecture Discussion Videos
  • Class Notes a Google Document

    How can you ask a question?

    During class

    You can ask a question by speaking up during a class.

    After a class

    • You can ask a question immediately after a class even if it is not your course/section.
    • You can ask a question during any office hour. 
    • You can also schedule a meeting with the instructor outside of the office hours.

    How to use Google Meet for an online class

    • Login to your NSU G-Suite Account
    • Go to your meet link (Available at the top menu))
    • Enable Video
    • Mute your Microphone

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    What resources do I need to attend an online class?

    • A computer with 10" or larger screen and a headphone
    • Reliable Broadband Internet Connection with mobile-data for backup
    • NSU Google Classroom Account
    • Classroom Link (Available in the top menu)
    • A quiet room with a "Do Not Disturb- Digital Class in progress" sign outside