1 Please let me know as soon as possible (you can use this online form here).

2 Determine the contents covered
Determine the contents covered in the class. Get this information from class-monitors, fellow high-performing classmates and group members, the course website and/or the faculty. Validate this information from the faculty in the earliest possible time.

3 Do those covered
Review Lecture (videos, discussion videos. slides, mindmaps), any assignment(s) given and any announcement. Keep updated with the announcements and assignments. Get help as required.

In case you missed an assignment, please follow the makeup policy.

Prioritizing your study

You should prioritize such that you get better grade (and understanding!) comparing to the number of hours you study. Refer to the textbook(s) and research online if you find difficulty understanding a topic. Make a list such that you can get clarification from your faculty.

  1. Do a Sample exams- try to solve it online. 
  2. Follow the mindmaps. Most questions will be from the central topics. Use a business model (canvas) to match it to an organization.
  3. Follow the slides- particularly the diagrams. Understand the diagrams. Often the slides has limited information- only the top-level ones. If you feel getting lost- go to the textbook(s). You will need the textbook to better understand the slides particularly on topics you are not very comfortable.
  4. Read the textbook. There is no better way to understand the topic and you will be confident with your answers. You can supplement slides with Wikipedia and your goggle-research.

Other great ideas:

  • Create cheat-sheets as you study
  • Practice solved problems in the book (if any)
  • Practice assignments (if any)
  • Use Wikipedia and/or Google to get additional insight on a problem

Question Pattern

Online questions are subjective and require you to match topics to an organization. Also sample questions are available in your course page.

Instructions for during exam

  • Read the question at least twice to understand it and answer accordingly (objectively).
  • Keep the readings (textbook, lectures) in mind and/or provide details including any assumption(s).
  • If a question asks for explanation, provide an example.

What is the role of an instructor?

Multiple roles including
* Lecturer
* Evaluator
* Advisor- In advisory moments, students’ academic performance is not assessed.

How to prepare for a class

24 hours before a class session

Review discussions later

  • MIS107 Lecture Discussion Videos
  • MIS207 Lecture Discussion Videos
  • Class Notes a Google Document

    How can you ask a question?

    During class

    You can ask a question by speaking up during a class.

    After a class

    • You can ask a question immediately after a class even if it is not your course/section.
    • You can ask a question during any office hour. 
    • You can also schedule a meeting with the instructor outside of the office hours.

    How to use Google Meet for an online class

    • Login to your NSU G-Suite Account
    • Go to your meet link (Available at the top menu))
    • Enable Video
    • Mute your Microphone

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    What resources do I need to attend an online class?

    • A computer with 10" or larger screen and a headphone
    • Reliable Broadband Internet Connection with mobile-data for backup
    • NSU Google Classroom Account
    • Classroom Link (Available in the top menu)
    • A quiet room with a "Do Not Disturb- Digital Class in progress" sign outside

    What type of resources are available for an online class conducted earlier? [Depreciated]


    Participation Policy

    This course uses participation point as part of your total grade. You get points when you answer a question (faculty asks you or you volunteer to answer) during a class. 

    • Each question is worth 2 points, you can get 1 point if you are present in class and 2 points if you can correctly answer the question

    Due to internet connection or other problem I was not present in class. How can I recover my points?

    1 If you missed a class/class-time that resulted in a 0 in your participation point, you can volunteer to answer a question and get the points in the next class.
    2 Only 1 answer will be counted in a day so If you missed multiple you have to answer .
    4 Volunteer answers wil be graded only if you get full marks (2).
    5 You can immediately ask why you were given a certain grade.

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