• 24 hours before a session- a lecture video will be provided
    • You go through it
    • Write down any questions you might have
  • 1st half of the class
    • The instructor will answer these questions
  • Attendance & 5 min Break
  • Class participation time
    • Students will be asked questions in random (using a spreadsheet)
    • Based on the answer you will get a participation point
    • 6 questions per student, 2 points each
      • Maximum 10 points
  1. Login to your NSU G-Suite Account
  2. Go to your meet link (Available at the top menu))
  3. Enable Video
  4. Mute your Microphone
  • A computer with 10" or larger screen and a headphone
  • Reliable Broadband Internet Connection with mobile-data for backup
  • NSU Google Classroom Account
  • Classroom Link (Available in the top menu)
  • A quiet with a "Do Not Disturb- Digital Class in progress" sign outside


Lecture Videos- MIS107

Lecture Videos- MIS207

Slides MIS107- Computer Information System

Slides MIS207- Ebusiness

MIS Handouts

Recommended Software

During class

  • Chat
  • Voice

After any class

  • Even even if it is not your course/section STMW 9:30 AM & 12:50PM
  • Schedule an appointment within that time