Participant points- How to get them and how to recover if you missed one.

Participation Policy

This course uses participation point as part of your total grade. You get points when you answer a question (faculty asks you or you volunteer to answer) during a class. 

  • Each question is worth 2 points, you can get 1 point if you are present in class and 2 points if you can correctly answer the question

Due to internet connection or other problem I was not present in class. How can I recover my points?

1 If you missed a class/class-time that resulted in a 0 in your participation point, you can volunteer to answer a question and get the points in the next class.
2 Only 1 answer will be counted in a day so If you missed multiple you have to answer .
4 Volunteer answers wil be graded only if you get full marks (2).
5 You can immediately ask why you were given a certain grade.

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