Namirah Ahmed Bushra

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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamualaikum Everyone,

Hope all of you are doing well. This is Namirah Ahmed Bushra and I have done MIS207 (E-Business) with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring 2020 semester. The semester started normally like every other time, but as the pandemic arose, we had to move to the virtual class, which was a whole new experience for all of us. But the best thing about this situation was that we got more virtual learning and researching opportunities. And Mr. Khan, being a very friendly and cooperative faculty, was always there to help us out whenever we need any sort of assistance. I have shared some advice below, which I feel will help you go through the semester:

Course Website: It will be your “best friend” for this course. You will get all the updates and course materials here. If you have any confusion about anything, you can always check for it in the FAQ sections. So always be in touch with the course website.

Attendance: Please be on time, attend all the classes and be attentive. If you miss one class, you will actually miss out a lot of things which will create an understanding gap. Also for 100% attendance, you get a solid 3% bonus and I am sure no one would take an opportunity to miss such an easy bonus.

Virtual Class: You will surely have a good experience here with lots of new facilities. The faculty will use Mind-maps to teach and will also provide the required software. You will get a synopsis of each topic discussed through the mind maps, which I found really helpful. The Class-Recordings are available on the course website. Please go through them. It really helps!

IOAs: Most IOAs are optional but I suggest you not to miss them because they greatly help you in the proper understanding of the chapters. These will also help you in earning good marks in Mids and Final.

Sample Paper: Solve all the past papers available through the course website. You will surely end up with a very good score in your Mids and Final if you do so. Additionally, you might get a Bonus point for solving the latest sample paper. So just get that!

LABs, GAs, Term Paper, Presentation: Don’t miss the Lab Session as you will get one broad question in mid and final from it. Also for doing the optional labs, you get bonus marks. Group Assignments (GAs) are very important because there’s a separate mark allocated for this part and also you will get one broad question in mid and final from it. Do the Term Paper properly. Make sure you do enough research before start doing the term paper. The presentations are optional but you should always go for it as it earns you Bonus marks once again.

MIDs and FINAL: Solving all the IOAs, Sample papers and doing all the Labs and GAs will surely get you a good grade. Practice all the necessary diagrams and write answers of the questions precisely.

Our Mid-2 and Final were marked based on the Final assignments where we were given 5 simple questions to answer. We had to write the answers considering five dimensions. For this, you should go through the books and can also take help from online resources and then write in your own way.

Additional Suggestions:

  • Believe in yourself and be Confident. Please stay away from the negativity if you want to do well in this course. Those reviews from your peers might misguide you and might make you lose your confidence.

  • Set your own goals and deadlines. When I was saw the Hall Of Fame in our first class, on that very day, I made a promise to myself that by hook or crook I will make my way into this and Alhamdulillah, today I am here.

  • Make sure you have a Good Group because in this course your grade greatly depends on your group members as well.

  • The faculty is very friendly and cooperative. If you ever face any problem, Feel Free to Ask him.

  • Be Interactive. Participate in the class. This won’t just show your response but also will help you in better understanding of the topic.

  • Read Books because “the more you Know, the more you Grow”.

  • Take all the opportunities to earn the Bonus. Don’t miss them.

Finally, I wish you all the best for the semester. Enjoy the course, learn and discover new things and have fun. Stay safe and take care.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact me via my Facebook ID:

Md. Shawon Akhter

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. This is Md. Shawon Akhter. I did MIS207 (E-Business) with our honorable faculty and one of the best faculties of the Department of Management Mr Adeyl Khan, in the semester Spring-2020. Since the course is all about E-Business and E-Commerce it will help you to learn and know about the real-life e-business scenario and the processes.

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19 more than half of the semester we had to finish through online and the course-related assessments like lab classes, final assignment as well. The course is a bit complicated but following steps can help you secure a good grade which I did.

  • following the guidance of the faculty
  • focused on the topics covered 
  •  online research
  •  help from the book. 

The course also refers to real-life practices of E-Business implantation so try to learn about new things about electronic business related to the course that will help you to do well in this course.

I’ll be sharing the things which I did actually throughout the entire semester, which you can reimburse to achieve your desired grade in the course.

At the very first about the Attendance:

I tried to attend all the classes throughout the entire semester. Attend all the classes and also do participate in the classes. Enter the online classes on time and also do follow this if the situation gets well on physical classes. The faculty appreciates this etiquette as well and you might get bonus marks for full attendance and your participation in the classes.

IOAs or Online quizzes:

Attend all the IOAs because it will help you throughout the semester when you’ll be sitting for mid/finals. Because most of the questions of IOAs you’ll get in the exams as well. If you do well in the IOAs there will be a higher possibility that you will be securing a good grade at the end of the semester.

Mid and Final Exam:

Due to the pandemic, we only had the chance of sitting only one mid-exam. But the best part is to try to solve previous exams questions which you’ll get from the website which are provided. In the exams, you’ll have the knowledge to solve the questions if you do so. Also do solve most recent previous exam questions for mid and finals in solve classes, for this, you will get a bonus mark.

About the Classes:

Try to participate in the classes and also do cover all the materials and covered topics in the slide. Also, take help from the book and focus on clearing the concepts except memorizing it. Because it’s a course about the real-life implementation of E-Business. Also, take help from Google if you want to gather deep knowledge about any of the concepts. The faculty will also help you if you have any kind of confusion about the topics in class. There is also office hours if you need any kind of help regarding the course.

Focused on Online classes

Don’t panic because of the situation. We all know it’s a tough time. Study the class materials on a regular basis. The thing I did was I studied very precisely, took help from the book and also checked some topics in Google for a thorough knowledge. To cope up with the other course loads the thing I did that finished my class works regularly which I did for other courses. Because of the online classes we have to be more concentrated and focused in every class and take necessary notes for home study and that will help to be very focused in classes.

GA and Term Project:

Do GAs very sincerely because it carries importance regarding your mid exams. GAs and term projects will be real-life based so you have to be very precise about what the actual topic is. Also, choose your group member in a wisely. Group members are very important for these particular assessments. Put the necessary elements in the assignments and term project. Try to take part in all the bonus presentations. There will be an entire class-session for clearing the ideas about the assessments. Use the office hours if you need any kind of help about the project or assignment. Try to solve every GAs because every single mark matters and you’ll be adding some marks which will reflect in your grade.

Lab Classes:

I did one physical lab class and one online lab class online and it was an excellent experience to attend an online lab class which was effective. Try to attend all the lab classes and submit the feedback on due time. If you get the chance to attend any physical lab class bring your laptop with you and solve the problem on it and for this, you might get a bonus mark as well.

Final Assignment:

For the first time, we all got very tense about the final assignment because it’s the first time it’s conducted online. Don’t panic because the questions will be based on what you covered in slides. Don’t plagiarize anything to solve it with your own words and give enough effort to make it precise. Take help from the book as well as the slides.

Try to get every single bonus mark because it helps a lot. Try to get help from the CRs, mine was very helpful. Follow the instructions. Wish you the best of luck. If you need any kind of advice and help, I would like very much to help you study for the course and feel free to contact me on Facebook

Sadia Naznin Nisha

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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamualaikum Everyone, 

I am Sadia Naznin Nisha, I did my MIS207 (E-business) with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring 2020. The course was going very well but as you all know due the pandemic situation we had to switch to online classes. Yet it did not affect much on the learning process as we had the access to the class recordings, Whenever I faced any problems regarding online classes, I went through the recording. Apart from that everything is briefly given on the website including course materials and FAQ.

I also used to browse the difficult topics and gather a clear idea and better knowledge. Being in this situation try to use your internet to the fullest so that you don’t stay clueless about any area. The same goes for other courses as well, try to remain positive and motivated so that you can keep your focus on studies.

If you still face any confusion, you can take help from the Facebook group “AYN Support v2” and also you may contact the class monitor.

Bonus: Do not miss any of his optional GA or Lab reports, these can make a huge difference. The topics shall be very helpful in your midterm and final as well. 

IOA: Read the slides very carefully and do practice the ios given on the website, they will not only enhance your knowledge but also you will find very similar questions in your exam. 

Finally and most importantly study regularly. Be punctual and stay attentive during the class and you are good to go. I would like very much to help you study for the course and feel free to contact me on Facebook

Abdullah Al Yusuf- A second timer

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

Take my cordial greetings. I hope everyone is keeping safe during this critical situation at their respective places. I will try to make sure my words remain relevant to your journey throughout the semester as well as the time following the pandemic and online classes. I, Abdullah Al Yusuf have completed my course E-Business (MIS207) under our faculty, Mr. Adeyl khan, this Spring’20. I also completed the prerequisite MIS107 under Sir as well with an A. But I think it’s better fitting that I write now, after being done with both the courses under the most supportive and coolest faculty I ever came across at North South University.

Rather than going on with generic and tedious advices, I would like to share my experience with the course, which might help you adjust and get on going with the course. I believe, good grade is important. However, it comes along with hard work and sheer will. And for that, it’s important to get acquainted with the course materials and directions from our faculty.

Firstly, do not worry about the online classes and assessments at all. The faculty has created an in-depth guideline for the entire semester and how the whole semester will be conducted. Make sure you are clear about the policies.

Secondly, make sure you are prepared before the exams/assessments since the exams might take place online. Also there will be an Oral test according to University’s decision. Just follow the "Course Website" (for Sample Questions and other resources) and make sure you have all the papers solved before the exams to get your ideas about the exams cleared.

Thirdly, if you have any queries or confusions regarding anything, let the faculty know and he will give you a solution for sure. However, you should stay connected with the Facebook group We the moderators and students from previous semesters will be responding to your queries of any sort, so that you don’t have to face any issues.

The above instructions are applicable for both online and offline classes. However, since the semester will be conducted online, there are a few things that helped me gain an advantage and I believe it will be the same for you.

Exams/Assessment: Before you start panicking, let me assure you that the exams will be a piece of cake if you just ensure you study regularly and note down everything the faculty teaches in class. Also as mentioned above, go through the sample questions from the Course Website. Get reference from the book and Internet for brushing up your ideas regarding the contents of the course.

Research: It is evident that now you can work on your research skills more than ever and it is highly recommended that you take the advantage of the internet for your projects and other online assessments. It goes without saying, it has made the assessments even easier and will help you in the near future. I achieved full grades on my Mid 2, Finals and class highest on Project only through the help from Internet. I am eager to help anyone who wants to sharpen their research skills. These are the skills that come handy in situations like this and will benefit you in the coming days.

Attendance & Participation: Dont be late in a class. This disrupts the flow of the class. And you might miss out on insights and valuable lecture sections. Be there on time and stay till the class ends. Ensure full attendance and you can avail a special bonus mentioned below. Also participate in class and make share your ideas in the class that might help your course mates and the instructor.

Maintain the Online Class etiquettes. Use the “Comment Section/Box” on Google meet for your queries and questions. And follow the instructions from the faculty and try to help your course mates with any sort of material or ideas that will create a harmonious class environment.

Hacks and Tricks that make a huge difference:

The bonuses: Like everyone has already mentioned, avail every bonus from the course. You will get plenty of opportunities from Labs, Mid 1 and Mid 2. Which will be directly added to your adjusted grades for Mid-1 and Mid-2. And do not miss out on full attendance, because it enables you to avail a solid 3 marks bonus to your finals which will boost your grade by a minimum of 1 grade.

Labs and IOAs: Make sure your Labs are professional and well-articulated. You will get a full marks if you follow the instructions on Labs classes. And be very serious about IOA (online quiz). It is very importance since it will carry a heavy weight towards your final grade. Plus, the IOAs are very easy to score since it comprehends all research and course materials.

Motivation and Drive: It goes without saying that the times are not as easy now. Staying at home can cause disruption in your flow of study and course. Please, do not give up yet. Rather try different things that will help you get going. I tried to figure out my hobbies and started doing everything to keep myself busy and focused on my courses. It is important because it won’t let the situation take over you. And I urge you read books or short articles that might help you entertain yourself, broaden your horizon of knowledge and also help you stay connected to your course. You might fancy reading articles related to E Business from Harvard Business Reviews and such other writes up to sharpen your ideas about the course. I can provide you with such items if you are eager to learn and keep yourself all together.

Apart from those, I am a sophomore at North South University and will be eager to help the freshmen with any sort of guidance for the both MIS107 & MIS207 and beyond. Feel free to knock me anytime with any sort of query on my Facebook You can connect with me via LinkedIn as well

I pray for your prosperous life and bright future. All the very best for the wonderful semester.

Nusrat Naila Nurul Nokshi

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

This is Nusrat Naila Nokshi. I have done the course MIS207 (EBusiness) with one of the best faculties of Department of Management, Mr. Adeyl Khan  during the semester Spring 2020. This has been an extraordinary and comparatively tough semester for all of us and I must say I am very lucky for being able to complete the course MIS207 and obtain an A- under the earnest guidance of the faculty.

The semester has been quite hectic for starting with conventional on campus classes and shifting to online classes midst the semester due to COVID-19 pandemic. But whether it is in on campus or online academic process, I would say the key constant for attaining good grades is consistency and regulation. The course might seem tough and confusing at first, but attending classes regularly and concentrating in class instructions will eventually clear all the doubts and pave the way to success. Here are some suggestions from me that might help to obtain desired grades-

Bonus Tasks: Gripping the opportunities to obtain bonus marks are more important than you may think. Utilizing every chance to get bonus marks eventually lead to increase total percentage of obtained marks and thus increase the chances of ending up with a good grade.

Lab Classes: Labs are important parts of MIS courses and contain significant percentage of marks. Sincere Attendance and paying full concentration during lab classes are only ways to achieve good marks in labs. Otherwise practical tasks and implementation of theories cannot be learnt and accomplished.

Regularity and Class Participation: Staying present and active both in online and offline in classes is extremely important. The taught topics cannot be clearly understood without attending and concentrating in class. Also participating in class discussions, responding to class questions, following examples mentioned in class helped me to understand assigned topics and tasks better. Moreover, clearing any relevant and topic oriented doubt is easiest through active participation in class discussions.

Communication: Communicating and reaching for assistance for any course related confusions are really helpful. The faculty is extremely cooperative in such cases, we reached for suggestion and clearing confusion both during office hours and through mails, and got responses. The class representatives have been the most cooperative and supportive towards us too.

Consistency: Consistency in study is very very important. Procrastinating and pilling tasks, assignments and topics to complete later brings no good. Starting working on tasks right before deadline increases stress and decreases the quality of the task, whether it is assignment or exam. I maintained preparing and following a routine for completing daily study and tasks for MIS as well as for other courses. That really helped me to keep the balance and to never miss the deadlines.

Course Website: Every information and document needed for proceeding with the course are provided in the course website. Course related information and updates are organized and easy to find in the website. You must not forget to check the course website for updates, notices and other necessary elements regularly. When in need of anything related to the course, search it in the website first, take a glance in the FAQ section every now and then.

Group Assignments: Group works contain a significant portion of total marks, so paying attention to this is must. Try to accomplish optional ones as well for obtaining bonus thus better grades. In any issue regarding GA structure and topics, I contacted the faculty for help during office hours and the faculty explained and omitted confusion kindly. That helped me a lot so I’ll suggest to try the same for other students too.

Sample Questions: Sufficient sample questions can be easily found in the course website. Solving these samples helps to understand question pattern, increases practice and helps gaining bonus marks. I was benefited by solving sample questions, so will suggest that too.

At the end, what matters the most is relishing the course and the topics taught in this course. Keeping the spirit up, mind open for learning and concentration sharp are the keys of cherishment. Finally, I hope this course and my suggestions will help to evolve you for better.