Asikur Rahman

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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamu Alaikum everyone,

I am Asikur Rahman. I have successfully completed my MIS207 (E-business) course with the guidance of our honorable instructor, Mr Adeyl Khan. This course was helpful for me to understand the basics of the E-Business processes and how an organization can manage its business digitally. Our faculty is one of the most professional and coolest people in NSU. He methodically used class procedures, and I always tried to follow his instruction. This, Alhamdulillah, got me an A grade. 

As you know, we are passing a pandemic situation, and classes are online. Sometimes we face difficulties with the internet, headphones, power, and computers. But we have to find backups to continue our studies, classes, et cetera. So, you should keep the necessary device, internet data backup, suitable headphones, et cetera.

How I studied regularly and before an exam:

I didn’t memorize line by line; I have just taken a clear idea from class lectures, slides, videos, Mindmap, which didn’t take much time. Mindmap was very helpful in understanding class topics. I learned about Mindmaping during the course, and I found it very interesting.

Tips and tricks which might be helpful for you to achieve an ‘A’ grade.

  • Try to be a punctual person and always follow the faculty’s instructions properly. Do not make any excuse after making any mistake.
  • Try to watch lecture videos before joining the class to understand topics clearly.
  • Follow every chapter’s Mindmap and lecture slide, and if you don’t understand any topic, you can get a decent idea from the book or Wikipedia.
  • Do not plagiarize anything. Write your own word from using an organization’s perspective.
  • Submit everything (Assignment/ Mid-1/ Mid-2/Final/ Lab) on due time; otherwise, you have to sit for makeup, and makeup would be complex for you.
  • Try to be active in the class, keep your camera turn on, and participate in class as much as possible. Do not be absent from any classes because this activity will carry your 3% bonus opportunity.
  • Try to be careful about Lab work. Because your computer might crash, save your file after completing every step.
  • Group work is critical. Make a google doc and share it with others group members, then work together.
  • Solve previous semester questions and if you face any difficulties, share your problem with sir during office hours.
  • Finally, try to attend all the bonus opportunities, which will help you get an excellent grade. Read the question bank properly, collect the question bank from CR.

Best of luck, be cool, cool, and cool. Turn your grief into strength! 

After all, I can say it was a remarkable journey for me. If you feel any confusion or need any other information, feel free to knock me on my Fb:

Anamika Zaman Annesha

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How I got a good grade: 


I hope you guys are doing well in this pandemic. I am Anamika Zaman Annesha, and I have completed my E-business (MIS207) course in Fall 2021 with one of the coolest faculty members, none other than Mr. Adeyl Khan. 

First, I like to talk about the faculty- he is cool, supportive, and cooperative. Like a cherry on the cake, he makes the class enjoyable, lively, and engaging. He gave us many opportunities to earn grades and, besides the classes, he was always there during office hours to solve any problems. This makes the course easier. Trust me- if you follow the instructions, you are good to go. 

Since the semester was in a hybrid mode, I attended the classes both online and physically. In the online classes, I made sure that I had a stable internet connection and a working laptop with a fully-charged battery such that I could continue the class even in a failure of a power outage. In addition, I always had a backup internet connection on my phone in case of an internet issue. Try not to join the classes using a phone because on a small screen, you viewing area is much smaller. You might miss out on parts of the lectures, and you can easily get zoned out. 

I believe that effort and discipline are always the most critical factors in achieving good grades. I am sharing some tips and tricks about how I managed to get an ‘A’ and how you can achieve an ‘A’ too. Here are some useful tips which I will recommend you to follow, 

  • No matter what, don't miss any classes. If you can keep your 100% attendance, you can earn a 3% bonus mark. During the class, please try to be attentive and responsive.
  • Before appearing in the classes, please listen to the lecture videos to understand the lecture better. 
  • During the classes, ask if you cannot understand any topic. Make sure that you understand all the topics before exams. 
  • There are bonus sessions before mids and the final- participate and achieve all the bonus opportunities. This can turn your grade table and can be a LIFESAVER. 
  • Before appearing for mids and the final, solve the sample questions. Solving these sample questions will help you understand question patterns, and you can also find common questions in the exam.
  • In mids and the final, write the answers in a business context. Do not copy or plagiarize your answer- write in your own words. If you copy or plagiarize, then you will get a zero. 
  • Try to make a strong group and divide the works accordingly for the GA, and also before submitting the GA try to get a review from the Sir. 
  • Though you will get a question bank and enough time in quizzes, read the questions properly as the quiz questions can be different- our coolest faculty tricks you:)

These are the tricks that I have followed throughout the semester. Moreover, Keep your eye on the “Class notes” and also the course website where you can find additional resources. Also, join the Facebook group- “AYN Support v2” where you can find all the notices by the CR and can resolve any course-related issue and also can get advice from students from the previous semester. 

Before concluding, I want to remind you to never give up on yourself. Maintain a positive attitude even when you are at the bottom of failure. Maintain a cordial relationship with your classmates and help them any way you can. 

Lastly, I wish you guys the Best of Luck with this course, and if you need any help, you can surely reach me anytime through Facebook. Thank you! 

Nishat Tabassum Sanjena

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone,

I’m Nishat Tabassum Sanjena, and I completed my MIS207 course in Fall 2021 under the wonderful guidance of our respected faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan. I will share how I managed to get an A in this course to help you in your endeavors.

I’ve completed my entire course online, which wasn’t always the best experience. But with proper backup data and keeping the laptop fully charged, I was able to complete the course with ease. During exams, I used only mobile data to minimize network issues.

I found the faculty fantastic at making lecture topics relatable and easy to understand. I tried my best to stay attentive in classes to clear my understanding. I followed through the mindmaps and organized things so it was easy to remember. Also, while studying, I used to write down real-world examples to make things more relatable.

I’m sure everyone tries their best to do well in exam time, but staying persistent is the real key to success. Don’t try to swallow everything the day before your exams. Try to follow through with the classes. If you give a small amount of time every other day, you’d be able to finish everything with ease rather than trying to finish everything in one day.

I had to focus on many different courses, but I never left things for later because I knew if I procrastinated, I’d have to drown in work at the end of the semester. So I tried to finish every lab work, group work, and study as soon as possible.

Lastly, make sure you never miss a bonus mark. All the bonus vivas and assignments ensure you get all of them, so even if your exam goes a little wrong, those bonuses can cover up for that. Make sure to solve the sample questions; those were very useful. And most importantly, stay focused.

If you need any help- my Facebook profile is here

Wahida Zaman

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