How can I create an account? A video tutorial.

Click here to open an account. The approval process diagram is given below. Get help from

  1. Instructional video available below
  2. Read instructions provided within the form and the FAQ section
  3. Attend the workshop coming up.
  4. Get help during office hours

[inline:BPMN Student Enrolment Process.jpg]

Please watch and follow this video.

Download it from Google Drive (Same Tutorial)


Did not receive the confirmation email?

  1. Use your NSU email account
  2. Check your spam/junk folder
  3. Contact the faculty immediately (next office hour)
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How can I change my password?

  1. Login to the system
  2. You will notice at the right side of the page a new section with your username as Header. Locate the “My Account” tab from the right side of the page. Click on “my account”.
  3. After clicking on my account new window will appear. Click on “edit”.
  4. In the e-mail address box enter your new e-mail address. In the password and confirm password box enter the same new password.
  5. Finally click on the “Save” button and you will be done.
  6. Check and make sure your steps were successfully performed. Otherwise the system will return an error and you will have to fix them and re-submit.
  7. Then your e-mail address and password have been changed successfully.

I forgot my password. How can I reset my password?

On the login page there is a tab called ‘Request a new password’. You must enter your user name or your email address, and the system will send you a new password by email. If you enter your user name, it will send your password to the email address that the system has on file for you.

Your username is your NSU ID (including any leading zero if applicable)

How can I check my IOA grades? A video tutorial. [New Student]

You can review your IOA grades when there will be no IOA on progress. In case you cannot review your IOA grades (and no IOA is in progress) please email the faculty to enable the permission such that you can review your IOA.

Sometime your IOA might have subjective questions like "Short Questions" and it will not be immediately evaluated. Even then you can check the grades for your MCQ and TF questions. Just follow the procedure in the document attached.

Searching for content

The website has a search feature. Find the search-box and type in the text you want to search in that box. For instance, if you want to search about IOA, type “IOA” in the search box and click the search button.

Additionally you can use Google's site specific search. In this case type “IOA” in the search box and click the search button.