First understand the problem

  1. Print/write the problem document.
  2. Do mind-mapping both individually and converge it in a group setting

Communicate using Facebook/Google Docs

You can keep in touch with member using Facebook. Use facebook chat for requesting Update

Write using a shared Google Doc

  1. One of the students
    1. Creates the document
    2. Gives it an appropriate title 
    3. Create the title page
    4. Paste the assignment outline (Table of Content) from the assignment
  2. share the document with his/her group members with edit permission.
  3. Students meet (online/offline) decide on who is going to work on what parts / paragraphs. Every part/paragraph should be assigned to at least two member.
  4. Write in Google Docs. Questions can be left in comments or colored text.
  5. Meet(online/offline) to resolve complex topics.
  6. Format and finalize the document.