Prapty Mehzabin Zakaria

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello everyone!
I’m Prapty Mehzabin Zakaria. I’ve done the MIS107 (Computer Information System) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan during the summer 2019 semester. Here are some strategies I would recommend you-

  • Try to be regular in class as the attendance have 3% bonus marks. Be attentive in the class.
  • Keep an eye on the course website all the time as all the updates, IOAs, assignment, lab details are given here.
  • Solve the previous semester questions. It will help you in the Midterms and Final. All the MCQ’s will be common if you solve the IOA’s carefully.
  • After solving the questions f you have any problem, consult with the faculty in the office hours.
  • Don’t miss any IOA or Lab. You have to be really punctual in Lab submission and attending IOA’s among others.
  • Try to bring your laptop in lab classes and do the lab. It will help you to grab the bonuses offered by the faculty.
  • Lab classes are really fun and lab exam is really very easy.
  • Stay connected with the faculty and be responsive in the class.
  • Give effort in group assignment and choose your group partner carefully.
  • There are a lot of bonus marks. Try to grab all of them.

If you can follow these steps, this course will not be hard for you. Hope I was able to help everyone. If you want to ask anything else regarding this course you can knock me on Facebook anytime-

Yaron Nezleen Amin

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello guys,
I am Yaron Amin , and I have done the course MIS 107 –Management Information System with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Summer 2019 semester .I will suggest you guys to remember the following points.

  • Please be regular when it comes to attending lecture. Near about 90-100%. Attendance gives you the chance to get 3 more marks at the end,that’s equivalent 1 grade !
  • If possible please buy the book- Introduction to Information Systems 16th edition by George M. Marakas and James O Brien or collect the online pdf. Although the lectures and slides are good for your preparation, you must keep this book for your extra benefit.
  • Although all online IOA are optional, you get an extra benefit in creating account in course website and attending those IOA’s. This is because all IOA questions are generally the questions in the exercise of your book and you get a plenty of time (often 2 days) to submit online. During the IOA’s, search the book and online for anwers.
  • Bring laptop on every lab classes if possible and get 1 bonus marks

The faculty believes in professionalism. Please be as professional as possible.

  • Don’t be late in classes, lab or exams .
  • Please don’t cheat in exam. This will result in fails/
  • After submitting your Group Assignment (GA) give your presentation in the office hours .You are not getting any bonus mark if you are missing presentations.
  • Please don’t copy others while constructing the report .Again; Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

For exams I will advice you guys to go through the previous semester’s question paper. Please solve the questions and prepare answers in notes. Solving earlier question papers gives you bonus marks. Check your answers consulting with the facylty during the office hour. You then have a huge opportunity to get more that 90% in Mids and Finals. Also, if possible include diagram .I remember– “Diagram is easy and a simple way to represent on point answers to the questions."
Although I am majoring in Economics , I find a lot of interest in Management Information Systems after I have done the course. I wish I could get his classes again. I strongly believe anybody from any department will like Management Information Systems after doing course with Mr. Khan. I think his background as an Electrical Engineer especially prepares him to teach a course like Management Information Systems. I hope that all of you will have an amazing semester. For further problems please knock me in facebook. My facebook profile link is -

Sumaita Alim

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How I got a good grade: 

Assalamualaikum Everyone.
Its an honour for me to be included in this page. I am Sumaita Alim and I got the chance to do the MIS107 course under the faculty member Mr. Adeyl Khan during the Summer 2019 semester.
With the blessings of ALLAH the almighty I got an A grade in this course . This is my journey .
Intro of the course:
This course concentrates on management in information system. Its not a very easy course but if you are regular, follow the teacher’s instructions and take notes it will be easy.
The course load:
In this course there is a number of assignments- group assignments, bonus assignments etc. So yes it has a good load in here. But it is well organized for the students and if you follow the instructions on the course website it is easy to do. There are ample time to complete the assignments. Moreover in the course websites you will find instructions on how to proceed with your work. You will also get the FAQ page in the course website where you can find answers to your questions regarding the course. The faculty makes the class interactive and has methods where he makes mind maps over different topics which makes the topic easy to understand .
All you have to do is follow the course website and the faculty instructions. Please be present in classes this will help you get the bonus.
Exam preparation:
During the exams you should follow the course website instructions on how to prepare for exams. You must solve the previous questions it will help you to score high. While studying follow the ppt files and notes.
Assignment preparation:
You must not include unwanted points in the assignments. You must proceed according to the website. And be very conscious because these assignments can bring bonus points rewarded by the teacher. Be very sophisticated and professional with these assignments as our faculty is ver punctual and professional.
Hope all of you will have a great course.

Raihan Noor Khan

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello guys,

I am Raihan Noor Khan and I've done my MIS107 (Computer Information System) course with our honourable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan in the semester Summer 2019. I got an A. It was an exciting to do the course and here are some strategies that helped me to obtain A in this course.

  • Firstly you will have to work hard.If you can work hard,trust me it will pay off.
  • Attending every class is important and for that you can get bonuses as well. Every lecture is equally important.
  • Follow the website on a regular basis for updates and upcoming assignments, IOA and exams.
  • Pay full attention in the class and do not miss any of the IOA's. It will help you to get the relief of preparing yourself for the MID and Final exam. Because you will get 100% questions (MCQ/True or False)from the IOA's in your MID and Final.
  • Try to solve the previous semester questions for getting common questions for short/broad question part.
  • Submit all the GA's and LAB's on time. If you submit optional GA's and LAB's then you will also get bonus points.
  • Form your group carefully. By proper team work you can do well in GA's otherwise its quite impossible to ensure a good grade.
  • Make sure you bring a laptop in your lab classes to get a bonus. You must pay attention to your Lab classes otherwis you will be lost.

If you can do this you are fine enough for getting an A. Thank you all have a wonderful semester. Feel free to contact me via Facebook if you need any help.

Muhtasim An-Nafi

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How I got a good grade: 

Hello Guy's,
I'm Muhtasim-An-Nafi and I have done the "Computer Information System (MIS-107) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my course instructor in the Summer 2019 semester. Throughout the semester i followed some strategies and I ended up with A-.

  • Follow the course website and read all the FAQs to know all the rules and requirements.
  • Try to attend all the classes(100% attendance) for a 3% bonus on your final grade.
  • I will recommend not to miss any of the IOAs because the quiz are quite exactly the same that you will encounter in midterms and final.
  • Choose your group mates carefully for group assignments.Try to complete every single assignment and submit it on time on google classroom.The broad questions in midterms and final are from the labs and assignments so, completing group assignments are very important and you may also get 1% or 2% bonus if you complete optional assignments.
  • Lab classes are fun.You will learn a lot about MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS ACCESS etc. During the lab class just follow the instructions and bring a laptop to get 1% bonus
  • Solve previous semester's question papers and try to understand the concepts. You may also get bonus points for solving the scripts.
  • Visit the faculty during the office hours if you are facing any complications.

I hope i was able to helpful to you but if you still have any queries or need any help feel free to knock me on Facebook anytime.