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    This is how Md. Mahedin got an A (MIS207 @ 2021 Summer) .

    As-salamu alaykum everyone,

    I am Md. Mahedin. I hope everyone is doing well. I Completed my MIS207 (E-Business) course in Summer 2021 under the honorable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan. As the semester was online-based, so it was different from the on-campus class.

    There are specific points I always followed by which I ended up with a good grade, and they are:
    1. As it was an online-based semester, I always make sure my gadgets, internet, backup internet is always ready to do the class. It was one of the most important things to do before joining the class.
    2. I attended all the classes and followed all the class lectures.
    3. If at any point I got stuck, I watched the Lecture Videos provided.
    4. During exam time, I tried to read all the lecture slides and...

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    This is how Saadat Hasan got an A (MIS107 @ 2021 Summer) .

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Saadat Hasan, and I completed MIS107 under the tutelage of Mr.Adeyl Khan, who is without a doubt one of the coolest faculty.

    My strategy to get an A in this course was straightforward. First of all, stable internet and a proper functioning device are crucial since we are online.
    Secondly, to prepare for the exams, I watched the lecture videos, followed the mindmaps, created notes of my own, and solved the sample exams. I made a timetable of my own and allocated a sufficient amount of time to each task. The plan also helped me deal with other courses, as well as I felt less clustered and enabled me to handle the pressure in a much more organized way.
    Finally, to secure a good grade, I would highly recommend having consistency. Going...

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    This is how Nakib Hossain Khan got an A- (MIS107 @ 2021 Spring) .

    Hello guys,

    I am Nakib Hossain Khan. I have completed this Course MIS107 this Spring 2021 under our honorable faculty, Mr. Adeyl Khan. He is a very interesting faculty and he made our class very enjoyable.

    Before this course starts, I was pretty much sure that this course has some very interesting parts like group works, lab works, and so on. So, I made sure all my digital tools are ok before the class began which is an important part to get good grades. I always used to recheck my gadgets and internet connection before I entered my classes. For better results, I used to go through lecture videos so I was very much prepared for the class.

    Here are a few important tips I consider helpful for future students:

    •  The things that help you to get...
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    This is how Redwan Ahmed got an A (MIS207 @ 2021 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,

    I am Redwan Ahmed, and I completed my MIS207 (E-Business) course in Spring 2021, under the guidance of Mr. Adeyl Khan.

    Just like the semester before, the Summer 2021 semester is also probably going to be entirely online. We are already quite used to online classes and aware of the most common problems we may face. So, I took steps to solve those common problems before they ruined my classes. 

    I always made sure that my laptop and phone are fully charged before class started, so I can continue my classes in case of no electricity. I also made sure to keep backup data on my phone, especially during exams. I also checked my backup device from time to time to make sure everything is working correctly.

    Since we usually had 24 hours or more to...

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    This is how Abdullah Al Mabsur Rafid got an A- (MIS107 @ 2021 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you all are doing well. I am Abdullah Al Mabsur Rafid. I did MIS107 (Information Systems & Computer) with one of the best faculties of the Department of Management Mr. Adeyl Khan, in the semester of Spring-2021. Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, the semester was online- that means all course-related activities like lab classes, mid, final assignments as well. The following steps can help you secure a good grade which I did.

    • First of all follow the guidance properly of the faculty.
    • Before doing a class, go to the lecture video on Youtube (already uploaded) its helps to better understand lecture-discussion during class time.
    • Obviously follow the mind map.
    • Take Help from the book for a better...
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    This is how Shadman Sakib got an A (MIS207 @ 2021 Spring) .

    Hey Guys,

    This is Shadman Sakib and I did Mis207 under Mr. Adeyl Khan, the one who made a 200 level course feel like it was as simple as a GED course. And Alhamdulilah I got an A. 

    Since everything is online now, maintaining the necessary tools is crucial. For this, I always kept my laptop at full charge before class and purchased mobile data for backup. In terms of studying, the lecture videos which are available on YouTube are extremely beneficial. I used to go through the lecture slides and watch the videos for understanding each topic. During exams, I did the same but just a slight variation, I used to look at the class discussion videos (class recordings) in order to refresh my memories on how the topics were explained and related the topics with recent times (...

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    This is how Md Samiul Fahim got an A (MIS207 @ 2021 Spring) .

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    This is Md Samiul Fahim. I hope everyone is doing great by the grace of almighty Allah. I have completed my MIS207 (E-Business) course in spring 2021 with Mr. Adeyl Khan. As the whole semester was online-based, the whole environment was quite different from the on-campus class.

    You probably would like to end up with a decent grade if you are reading this. To obtain an A should indeed be a piece of cake for this course if the game is played correctly, trust me. Here are some tips that might be useful:

    • You should attend all the classes. I speak from experience. Many students miss classes for many reasons. But if you want a good grade, you have to follow the class lectures. Being a regular student, you would not get much pressure before exams...
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    This is how Nafiza Kaniz Eren got an A- (MIS207 @ 2021 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,

    I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I'm Nafiza Kaniz Eren and I had an amazing experience completing this course under our honorable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan.

    The entire course was held online and you can imagine the challenge of managing a steady internet. Make sure that you don't forget to keep a backup for such cases. 

    To achieve a good result you just have to pay attention and be responsible. Make sure to go through the lecture slides and note down all your doubts before you join the class. The lecture slides and all other important materials of this course are available on the course website. Go through the slides after a lecture has been delivered. It will help in capturing the contents instantly. Review the lectures and course books...

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    This is how Bryan Edward Gomes got an A (MIS107 @ 2021 Spring) .

    Hey guys,

    I am Bryan Edward Gomes and I have just completed my MIS107 course under the guidance of Mr. Adeyl Khan. 

    Due to the recent pandemic, I had my classes online, this meant that I had to keep a stable internet connection, power, and a reliable device to attend my classes on. All of the key aspects helped me earn a better grade and better understand this course.

    Talking about getting a better grade; the pre-recorded lecture videos, website, and class recordings helped a lot with my preparation for my exams and tests, even the bonus sessions that helped me revise some of the topics beforehand. I used to actively listen and occasionally participate during class which further improved my concept of each chapter.

    All of these contributed to me...

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    This is how Afiat Maishah got an A- (MIS207 @ 2020 Fall) .

    Ahoy, NSUers!

    I hope everyone is safe and healthy. This is Afiat Maishah and I had an amazing completing my MIS207 (Ebusiness) course under Mr. Adeyl Khan.

    Mr. Khan has been very helpful during the course. The entire course was held online and as you can image the challenge of maintaining a steady internet was huge. However, our instructor was very sincere in terms of uploading all the class recordings on time. This way, if you missed the class could still catch up rather easily. He has a unique style of teaching where he keeps the class entertained and alive with witty examples.

    The key to scoring well in the course is to pay attention to all the lectures. Also, our teacher is very generous in terms of giving bonuses, so grab them as much as you can. Submit all your...