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    This is how Ahnaf Jawad Ahmed got an A- (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,
    I am Ahnaf Jawad Ahmed. I did MIS207 with  in the Spring’20 semester and received an A- . I will be sharing my experience with you guys so that you will have a guideline as to how you can get your desired grade.
    Managing the Pandemic- The Covid-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise and threw us in uncertainty. However, the key to maintaining a good mental health is to maintain a daily routine and perform all activities accordingly. We can do light physical exercise, meditate, or engage in a new hobby to keep ourselves busy.
    • Handling other courses- No great achievement comes in a day. We have to...
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    This is how Syed Muhammad Ali got an A (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .


    I am Syed Muhammad Ali and I did MIS207 under during the Spring 2020 semester. Our time was quite different. The time I did this course was a little unusual as the corona virus pandemic was going on. So we only had the chance to give our first mid. And then there was a final assignment. Apart from all these there were IOAs or online quiz which we had to attend. You can give quiz in the class that is offline but I would rather recommend to attend online. Quiz can only be given online or offline but not on both platforms for the same quiz. Then there were labs, GAs (Group Assignment) and also term project. There are plenty of ways to earn bonuses throughout this course. Let me explain the bonuses as this will enhance someone’s grade on a different level. I...

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    This is how Fazilatun Nisa Sayed got an A (MIS207 @ 2019 Fall) .

    Assalamualaikum everyone. This is Fazilatun Nisa Sayed. I did MIS 207 (Ebusiness) under the kind guidance of Mr. Adeyl in Fall-2019. My experience with MIS105 was not very pleasant. Hence I was pretty scared of the MIS207. But the course helped me to have a good knowledge and sense of application from this course. This course is well structured and so following certain ways makes it easy to earn a good grade. Things to take care of to earn a good grade are-

    1. Attendance: Be present in every class, respond during the class, and be on time. It will keep you updated and will give you a better understanding of the contents. Last but not the least, there is a bonus for full attendance! 
    2. Group Assignments: Things to do well in this section are- a careful...
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    This is how Hitoishi Anwar Nodi got an A (MIS107 @ 2019 Fall) .

    This is Hitoishi Anwar and I have completed the MIS107 (Computer Information System) under the guidance of our dearest and most amazing faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan during the fall’19 semester. This course is certainly not very easy but at the same time it is rather easy to achieve a decent grade if you are on the right track. The instructor provides every little details and even explain it nicely in class and through his websites.

    • First of all, try to be regular in the class. Make sure you are participating in the class by sharing knowledge. You can get bonuses end of the semester if you have full attendance and participation as well.
    • Therer are a lot of chances to earn bonus points, grab them!
    • You have to read the book to do well in the IOA which...
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    This is how Mehnaz Naina got an A (MIS207 @ 2019 Fall) .

    Greetings everyone,

    This is Mehnaz Younus Naina. I consider myself very fortunate as I did MIS207 (Ebusiness) with one of the best faculties I have ever had, Mr. Adeyl Khan during Fall 2019 semester. It was truly an amazing journey.

    This course is designed in an easy way and you all will be able to achieve an A or a good grade if you follow the policies. Here are some tactics I would like to suggest to you to obtain your desired grade.

    • Class attendance and participation- Try to be at class five minutes before the class starts. Try to attend the classes regularly and concentrate on lectures. Note down the diagrams and the things discussed. Show your energy in a positive way and try to participate as much as you can. Remember you get 3...
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    This is how Umme Kulsum Mina got an A (MIS107 @ 2019 Fall) .

    Assalamualaikum everyone,

    This is Umme Kulsum Mina, and I have completed the MIS107 – (Computer Information System) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan during the Fall 2019 semester. Here are some tactics I would suggest you-

    1. Browse Through The Course Website : You will find a lot of contents related to this course such as course outline, office hour, slides, sample questions and so on. Keep an eye on the course website routinely and it also worked as a reminder for me . As I found all the study material in one place.
    2. Read The Book: For starter you need the book called “Introduction To Information Systems “ Written by Georage M. Marakas and James A. O’brien. I used to solve the Review Quizes which you will find at the end of every chapter and...
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    This is how Md. Tarikul Islam Sakib got an A (MIS207 @ 2019 Fall) .

    Greeting Everyone,

    I am Tarikul Islam Sakib. It has truly been a wonderful journey to be guided by Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Fall 2019 semester. The course is designed to make it easier for the students. And also, easy to get A only if you only follow the policies. Check out his website from google before attending. To keep focus on activities. Trust me that will help a lot. Here are some suggestions that may follow.

    • Class: Attend all of the classes and always be on time. Always concentrate on the lecture. Note down the mind maps/ diagrams.
    • Attendance and Participation: Try to maintain full attendance and participate as much as possible. Remember you will receive 3% bonus for full attendance. Answer the sudden...
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    This is how Fahim Farhan Sajid got an A (MIS107 @ 2019 Fall) .

    Hello everyone, 

    My name is Fahim Farhan Sajid and I did MIS 107 during Fall 19 with one of the best faculties I’ve ever had, Mr. Adeyl Khan.

    MIS 107 is an introductory course of management information system which might seem a bit difficult at first to catch up with but in reality it will give you a vast idea of management with the help of technology. The course will make you understand a lot of the concept with lively examples and diagrams. It will also enrich your idea of Information System. 

    On our very first class, the faculty showed us the previous students who were mentioned in the Hall of Fame and since then I had this urge in me of putting my name up there. This is an amazing initiative to inspire students. I must confess, I didn’t...

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    This is how Sakib Mahmud got an A (MIS107 @ 2019 Fall) .

    Hello everyone,

    I am Sakib Mahmud and I have completed MIS107 during the fall’19 semester with our beloved faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan.

    MIS107 is an introductory course which familiarizes students with management information system. This course is a bit technical but the faculty has easy examples and diagrams to make it simple. In this era of modern science and technology, the priority of information technology is increasing at a rapid rate. This course will allow you to take a look into how MIS actually works and will be beneficial to your future career in a lot of ways.

    After knowing that there is a “Hall of Fame” section it has been my goal to be there upon my completion of the course. Finally, I have been blessed to have a chance to be here. The “Hall...

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    This is how Fatema Wahed got an A- (MIS107 @ 2019 Fall) .

    Hello everyone, 

    Alhamdulillah I have received an A- grade and would like to share some advice on how to achieve a good grade.

    • Keep an eye out for the course website and the google classroom as all announcements will be posted there.
    • Be regular in class, a full attendance would ensure you some bonus points. Participate and interact in class, answer sir’s questions and try to clear out concepts in class.
    • Quizzes can be attended either online or in class. Completing the IOAs would help you prepare for the midterms and final. Practice the sample questions from previous semesters for finals and midterms.
    • Lab classes and exams are easy enough and there is adequate time to catch up. Bringing and doing the tasks using a Laptop would allow you...