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    This is how Nusrat Naila Nurul Nokshi got an A- (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,

    This is Nusrat Naila Nokshi. I have done the course MIS207 (EBusiness) with one of the best faculties of Department of Management, Mr. Adeyl Khan  during the semester Spring 2020. This has been an extraordinary and comparatively tough semester for all of us and I must say I am very lucky for being able to complete the course MIS207 and obtain an A- under the earnest guidance of the faculty.

    The semester has been quite hectic for starting with conventional on campus classes and shifting to online classes midst the semester due to COVID-19 pandemic. But whether it is in on campus or online academic process, I would say the key constant for attaining good grades is consistency and regulation. The course might seem tough and...

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    This is how Muhtaseem Hassan got an A (MIS107 @ 2020 Spring) .


    This is Muhtaseem Hassan. I have completed Computer Information System (MIS107) course under the proactive and kind guidance of my respected course instructor Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring-2020 session. My experience with MIS107 was very interesting and pleasant. This course is well structured and easily-understandable to me. I would like to share some tips about the achievement of my grade are as follows:

    1. Attendance: Be present in every class, respond during the class, and be on time. It will keep you updated and will give you a better understanding of the contents. As you know that every class has some sequential continuation with the earlier class. So, if you miss a class or topics/contents, it might be difficult to...
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    This is how Zahin Raiyan Nafi got an A (MIS107 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello Everyone!

    I am Zahin Raiyan Nafi and I took MIS 107 under Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring 2020 semester and believe me, the experience was awe- inspiring! Being from a science background, it was really hard for me to cope up with all the business terms. However, I have to give all the credits to the amazing faculty as he was always keen to help me with my problems and he never turned me down. He has a great sense of humor and he tries to keep the class as entertaining as possible.

    It's not like I could do this course with my eyes shut, I had to give a considerate amount of effort to achieve an adequate grade. Some of the lectures are easy to grasp and some take time, but with the support of Mr. Adeyl Khan and his lecture slides, the course was free and easy...

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    This is how Rubiyth Beente Ashraf got an A- (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Rubiyth Beente Ashraf. I've done the course MIS 207 with Adeyl Khan in the Spring 2020. It's gonna be different for you as It's online based course. Don't worry too much as your class monitors at the Facebook group (AYN Support V2) and the fauclty will always be there to help you. Attentiveness and concentration during class is the key to success.

    Make sure you are attentive and try to grab all the bonuses. Do not skip any class. Try to concrete during class as much as you can and try to answer all of his questions . Do not take quizzes easily as they can make a big difference. Study the slides and the book carefully. For MCQ make sure you take help from the book first and then try to solve the IOA'S. Do solve all the IOA'S as they...

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    This is how Syeda Maliha Azim got an A- (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .


    I’m Syeda Maliha Azim and I completed MIS207 under the guidance of Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring of 2020. While doing this course, mid-semester we were hit with a global pandemic and as we are not familiar with these new circumstances, it is natural to face some hurdles while trying to adapt. Here are some things that helped me manage my studies and online classes during the global crisis; along with some tips on how to get a good grade in this course:

    This pandemic is an unusual situation for us to be in and it is causing stress and anxiety among many students; so it is important to try to stay as level headed as possible for our own mental health. I did so by taking occasional breaks from everything (avoiding news and studies) for a couple hours for...

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    This is how K.M. Shaerul Abedin Shaer got an A (MIS107 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello there!

    This is K. M. Shaerul Abedin.

    I had the luckiest opportunity to do Computer Information System (MIS107) with Mr. Adeyl Khan during the spring'20 semester. I said lucky because my background is different, as I am training to be a biochemist and information systems is something which is not a very familiar topic for me. But under our faculty's  guidance, I learned some amazing facts about how modern day business operates in the real world. 

    I won't write about how you should study - this is something which is completely in your comfort zone. Here, I will try my best to provide you with some tips and tricks that can fuel your study approach. 

    First things first, bonuses! Yes, the course offers a...

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    This is how Saif Rahman got an A (MIS107 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello everyone!

    I am Saif Rahman and I have completed the course, Computer Information System (MIS107) with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my course instructor in the Spring 2020 semester. The course is not very difficult per say and I found the faculty to be amiable, cooperative and someone who expects professionalism from you.

    Just follow instructions and get support from the course website. Don’t get confused by some negative rumors which will just demotivate you and disrupts you from learning. If you can study smart, you’ll definitely get a good grade. You need to be focused and organized with your activities. If you face any difficulties do not hesitate to talk to the faculty. He will help you with all the information he can. Also, he makes the class enjoyable...

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    This is how Mahmudul Hasan got an A- (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello guys,

    Hope you all are doing great. I am Mahmudul Hasan. I did my MIS207
    (E-business) course with our honorable faculty member Mr. Adeyl Khan in
    the Spring, 2020. This course will help to understand the management behind
    E-business processes some of which you already use in your everyday life.
    Some of the topics are in-depth. Try to relate it with your life
    experiences than be afraid of the course.

    I’ll be telling the things what I did throughout the semester, which you
    can reciprocate to achieve your desired grade in this course. These
    reflects my study patterns too.


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    This is how Zarin Tassnim got an A (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Assalamualaikum Everyone,

    This is Zarin Tassnim, and I have completed the Ebusiness (MIS207) course
    during spring ’20 under our honorable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan (Ayn).
    Due to the covid19 pandemic, more than 60% of the semester was completed

    It has been a bittersweet journey being guided by the faculty throughout
    the entire semester, and I got to learn a lot of productive and profitable
    topics. The course is not easy, but if you maintain the guideline
    provided, you will be able to achieve your desired grade. It is a
    core course on Ebusiness, which needs more understanding of online
    research and real-life application.

    : I...

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    This is how Sumaiya Zaman got an A (MIS107 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,

    I am Sumaiya Zaman. I did MIS107 with one of the best faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan during the Spring’20 semester. Though we had faced so many ups & downs because of the pandemic, his guidance assisted us a lot. This course is designed in an easy way which will help you to get a good grade (only if you concentrate & collaborate profesesionally). I would like to suggest some ideas that helped me to get my desired grades, I hope this will help you too.

    Class attendance and participation- Try to attend all the classes with positive thinking (please do come earlier at least 5 min ago). For 100% attendance, you will get 3% bonus.

    Course website- Visit the course website regularly where you will get all the updates...