Outstanding students and how they did it!

  • Nafis Ahmed Raiyan

    This is how Nafis Ahmed Raiyan got an A (MIS107 @ 2018 Summer) .

    On the first introduction class of the course I along with the others students were introduced to the course website. At first I was a bit shaky seeing all the tasks that laid ahead; IOAs, Group Assignments, Labs, Presentation etc. When I returned home that day, I thought of things “step-by-step”, and laid out a study plan for this course. Computer Inforamtion System (MIS 105) is an informative course, you will learn a lot of things about Management Information Systems at a basic level, which is required for the upcoming courses ahead.

    These are some of the ways through which you can do good in this course. These reflects my study patterns too:)

    Be serious and study regularly from the beginning: This is really important. Whenever a lecture is completed, study the topics discussed there as soon as possible, preferably on the same day. Don’t pile them up to study them at once before an exam. Trust me, if you follow this, you will see you are progressing at a good pace.

    Attend the IOAs/ Quizzes with attention. Usually, at least 80% of the questions or types of questions come from these small tests. So, make sure to know the answers to those such questions.

    Try to understand the concepts rather than memorizing: Many students do this a lot in this course. I found out the topics are easier if you just try to understand the slides. For that you can take reference from the book, or better yet, Google/ YouTube. You will understand easily. If you memorize without understanding, you will surely forget or scramble everything in your head. You can consult with the faculty during office hours if you’re stuck.

    When doing group assignments, keep everything to the point and straightforward, don’t give details that are not wanted by the assignment topic in your report. This will reduce your marks. When doing group assignments, close collaboration is mandatory to do good. Select a group leader, divide the tasks amongst the members; select who will cover which topic, and you will see you will have a good result. You can utilize Google Docs for real time collaboration.

    Solve sample questions before an exam: Before a mid, or final, be sure to solve the previous semesters’ sample questions from the course website. Often some of the questions are common and you get accustomed to the pattern.

    Cooperate as much as possible with the faculty: Questions? Stuck? Just ask! Go to the faculty during any of the office hours with all of your question and get answers or guidelines. Prepare a draft copy of your GA and show it to faculty to see if you’re on the right track. This will save precious time. Same thing applies in lab classes too.

    Try to get as much bonus as possible: Review the bonus policies of the faculty from the course website, and try to achieve each one of them. You will see how they will help you get a better grade. Try to maintain a good attendance. Bring a laptop in lab classes- you will do the lab faster and also get bonus for it.

    Before an exam: Review the slides and sample questions, make sure you understand them. And when answering broad questions, right only what is wanted in the question objectively (point by point). Create a mind-map and explain it. You will get good marks.

    So there are some of the steps I followed that helped me achieve an A in the course. You can also do it. Just study hard, and regularly. And most importantly, believe in yourself. Best of luck!

    If you require further assistance, feel free to knock me on my facebook: www.facebook.com/nafis.raiyan I will do whatever I can to help.

  • Basher Ahmed Reza

    This is how Basher Ahmed Reza got an A- (mis207 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Hello everyone,

    I am not going to lie that doing well in the Ebusiness (MIS 205) is a piece of cake. I had to put a lot of effort as it requires a lot of activities some of which I was not familiar with. I had to learn many new things and I had to learn a different way of study.

    I am going to make this note very objective and short for you to get a clear idea about the method I followed:

    • Attend all the classes. It is very important to attend all the classes because there are many novel ideas in this course.
    • Try to have a clear understanding about the class discussesion.
    • IOAs’ are very important. You will find similar type of questions in the mid-terms and final exams. If you attend the IOAs’ sincerely and study the questions of IOAs’ properly then you will do well in the MCQ parts in the mid and final exams.
    • For the short questions and broad questions in the midterms and the final review the questions of previous semesters. The questions are similar. For the broad question, understand the group assignment.
    • It is very important to attend all the lab classes and also the lab exam. You may take help from the youtube tutorials. For the lab exam, follow and practice the in-class practice lab.
    • For group assignment reports and presentations- search and collect relevant information. Do not make a direct copy-paste from any source. Even if the presentations are optional, attend every presentation. That will give you an edge while grading.

    Last but not the least, you will get a lot to learn in this course. I found it rather interesting and I think it will help a lot in my professional career. Do this course just not to get a good grade but to learn sophistication. Because E-Business is the ultimate future. Hope you all will have a great semester.

    To get more help e-mail @ bashar.reza@nsu

  •  Jannatul Ferdouse

    This is how Jannatul Ferdouse got an A (mis207 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Hello Everyone,

    To begin with, MIS205 (Ebusiness) is both a practical and a theoretical course. If you have interest and/or knowledge about the online business sector this course will definitely entertain you. However if you have limited interest and/or is afraid of IS related courses, do not be scared. The course helps you understand numerous functions of e-business related topics in a practical manner. To ace this course you need is hard work and determination. Take it as a challenge and I am sure you will obtain a good grade.

    This course is challenging and will require you to study. However, with good strategy and focus it is easy to get a good grade. I hope these tips will help you:

    • Attend all the classes, you will get bonus for a perfect attendance.
    • Try to be present before the class starts and be attentive,try to answer verbal questions by the faculty professionally and within the context of the topic.
    • Do not miss any IOA (even the optional ones). The IOA contains 5% of total grade; moreover 50% of mids and final will come from IOA (online quiz). To prepare yourself for exams memorize and revise IOAs regularly. Try memorizing all the true/false as well as MCQs- it is an easy way to secure good marks. The IOAs are also a good way for understanding the slides. 
    • For exams, go through the mid and final exam sample question papers of previous years provided in the website. Try to solve them and give importance to the short questions as well as broad questions as similar ones will come in your exams. Try printing the sample papers, Sir might give you bonus for that as well.
    • Try bringing your laptop during lab classes and do the lab on it. Make sure Sir has verified your lab work during lab classes and noted your NSU ID to obtain bonus.
    • The GAs and the term project are great way to learn in this course practically. Make sure you have a good team and follow the project outline. Before submitting a GA, consult with faculty with your project. He is helpful and will pin point where you have made mistakes and what changes have to be made. Do not be afraid, as the faculty is always available in office hours; make sure to use that to solve all your queries.
    • The lab, OrangeHrm and Microsoft access work is easy and for everyone’s convenience video tutorials can be found on YouTube and face book group. 
    • Try not to wait till the night before exam to start studying; you will need minimum 2 days preparation time to obtain a good grade.

    Lastly, the faculty is very professional and expects nothing but professionalism from you. I found him helpful, friendly and a good mentor. You will get a practical experience from this course; learn a lot from the lab class and assignments.

    Best of luck everyone. Always remember anything can happen with hard work and dedication.

  • K. Naveed Sultan

    This is how K. Naveed Sultan got an A- (MIS107 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Hello guys,

    Hope everything is fine. I received an A- in MIS105, instructed by Mr. Adeyl Khan,
    which is actually introduction to Information system (although it is written in the advising slip that it’s introduction to computer). This course gives an intro about the information systems, software, hardware, network, application in business of IS (Information System) etc.

    I’ll be very honest with you- at first, I thought that I was going nowhere with this course but as time went by, I started to figure out the methods of doing well in this course. The first thing that you need to do is be professional at all cost. The faculty admires and follows professionalism in every step. This includes being punctual in various activities throughout the course. I’m going to give a detailed description about what you guys need to do for doing well.

    • Try to attend all the classes. It’s not for the lecture-slides, as you can get them in the course website but for understanding the slides. You’re doing this course to learn something new. Be professional- punctual, attentive and patient.
    • On the very first day, open an account in the course website. If you face any sort of problem go to his office during an office hour. It’s going to be helpful for forming the group for the group assignments and the presentations. Also check out the website and get a feel for how it is organized.
    • From the second day, the lectures would start. It’s going to be very helpful, if you print outs the lecture slides.
    • The lectures are the basis for the midterm exams. There are 3 parts for the Mid exams. MCQs and true/false is the first part. Short questions is the second part and
      lastly broad question is the third part. The marks distribution may change but these are the three parts that are going to be there. Now here’re the tricks for the mids: Go the the website, go to MIS105, then on the right side of the page you’re going to find the sample questions of the previous semesters. Study them carefully and that
      should do 80% of the preparation. For the MCQs, just follow the IOA quizzes. The MCQs that are given in the Mid exams are the same as given in the IOAs- they are important. Broad questions are based on the labs and/or group assignments (sometimes optional). If you do the assignments you should be able to answer the
    • After one or one and a half weeks, the announcement for the first IOA should come
      from Mr. Adeyl Khan. It’s just online quiz guys. It’s nothing to be worried about. It’s
      only MCQs, TF and some matching questions. Without the account you won’t be able to give the IOA quizzes. Here’s the trick for doing great in the IOAs: In your textbook (introduction to information system) at the end of every chapter, there are fill in the gaps type objectives. Solve them. Most of the questions in the IOAs come from these objectives.
    • Now let’s talk about group work and presentation. You should have three group assignments (including optional ones). There’s going to be an opportunity for you to choose your partners for the group. This opportunity will only be there for a couple of days in the beginning of the course. If you don’t have an account in the course website, you won’t be able to apply for you and your team mate. So again, open an account on the first day at any cost. It’s a mistake which I made. I was then assigned in groups randomly chosen by the instructor and had to do almost all the group work, as there was lack of expertise in my team mates. So please don’t repeat my mistake and do the right thing for yourself.
    • Now let’s talk about the bonus points. In the labs, if you bring your laptop and are able to do the tasks within the lab time, using you device, you’re going to get 1% bonus. There’s going to be 3 labs. So you can ensure 3% bonus by doing these. In the IOAs, if there’re any questions that are incorrect and if you are the first one to inform that to the instructor then you’re going to get bonus points for that as well. If there’re any extra classes, attend them and you will get bonus points for that too. I just got 1% bonus in the whole course, as I was very ignorant about these things. You can achieve 7-8 additional marks, if you get pretty much all the bonuses. These 7-8 marks can be very crucial when it’s time for you to get the grades. 

    That’s it dear friends- just follow these steps and you should achieve an A. Now that I think of it, I should’ve given the last presentation for this course. I also should have been keener for getting the bonus points. I could’ve really gotten an A. I should’ve gotten an A. The thing is that there’s nothing I can do now but you can do it. So don’t be ignorant, don’t repeat my mistakes. Go for glory, go for the A. All the very best of luck to you all.
    If there’re any questions, then you can email me on (naveedsultan14@gmail.com)


  • Lamia Jahan

    This is how Lamia Jahan got an A (mis207 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you all are doing great. I am Lamia Jahan. I did the MIS205 (E-Business) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Summer 2018 semester. I was aware of his style of teaching from the MIS105 (Computer Information System) course I did with him earlier. I had a wonderful journey- learnt many things and enjoyed the course.

    Some of the critical Facebook review might get you rather confused and even scared. I believe otherwise- you will have a great experience as you continue this course. Do not care about the reviews too much- most of the reviewers did not continue the course. I did and let me share my experience with you.

    Attend every class and be on time- It is very important and helpful to understand the chapters. Try to take notes- print the slides and write down the notes on them. It’s very helpful.

    IOAs- For IOA you have to read your text book. Don’t miss any IOA as the MCQ and true false in the midterms comes directly from IOA.

    Mid & Final: For mid and final solve the questions of previous semesters for short questions. For true false and mcq go through the IOA. For broad question you need to understand the labs and group assignments properly. Don’t write anything irrelevant.

    Group assignment: Try to understand the project properly and do the mind map. If you have any problem, the faculty will help you. It is better if you can finish the project early and take the review from sir before submission.

    Lab: Try to understand the lab properly and practice them. If you don’t understand or have a problem- talk the the faculty. Do the labs in your laptop during the lab sessions- you will get bonus points.

    Lab final: There will be a review of the lab before the lab exam. Practice at home and you should be fine.

    Lastly try to be professional. Attend classes timely. don’t be late. Submit all assignments on time. Take advantage of the bonus opportunities- they will boost your grade at the end. Do not cheat in group assignments, lab or in exam. Sir hates plagiarism. If you do you will get a zero.

    I hope you all will have a great semester with Ayn sir and if you need any help from me you can contact me at https://www.facebook.com/lamia.jahan.10

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    This is how Mehrub Ul Haque got an A (MIS107 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Assalamu Alaikum everyone,

    I am Mehrub Ul Haque. I hope you are all doing well. I did the MIS105 (Computer Information System) course under Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Summer 2018 semester. The course is not very hard. If you worried about workloads, do not worry as the workload is significantly reduced. Most of the assignments are now optional. But to get an A, be focused and do the optionals. To keep focus on activities, consider keeping a note (weekly todo list) on your phone. Trust me that will help a lot. Here are some suggestions that you may follow.

    Classes: Do not miss your class, try to attend them all as there is a bonus for it at the end of the semester. Listen well in the class and note the diagrams which will help you in your exam.

    Exams: Exams are quite easy. Please, study the sample questions of previous years from the website. Be objective and you will surely get good marks. Also the IOA, all the MCQ will be from the IOA so do those even if they are all optional. Lastly, don’t miss the review class before exam where he will discuss about some short questions and most importantly the broad question. Even after that if you do not understand something do not hesitate to get help from him during office hours.

    IOAs: Even if most/all of them become optional do not miss them for the above reasons. They do not take much time. Also try to do them as they arrive, that way if there is any wrong answer you can notify him about it and get bonus.

    Lab Assignments: Follow the instructions in the lab class. All you need to do is repeat the same in your home or in the lab if you can and submit it through google classroom. It is quite easy to do. In case you miss it or don’t understand something go to him during the office hours. The faculty is rather helpful

    Group Assignments- Chose your team mates carefully. This was the challenging part for me. Do not submit your report before getting a review from the instructor. He will help you out if you did something wrong in the report. So, be sure to get your reports checked before submitting it.

    Bonus: there are several ways to get bonus in this course. Keep an eye out for them and try to get as many as you can. You can get bonus for simple things. Like brining your laptop in lab class and following the instructions, attending an extra class and so on. Try to not miss them.

    Lastly, try to have enjoy the classes and do your work on time. That way you will have a fun ride throughout the course. For me, I really enjoyed the course and I found the faculty helpful. If you have any further queries you can contact me through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mehrub.ulhaque

    Good luck everyone. Hope you all have an excellent time like I did.


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    This is how Fahim Abid got an A (mis207 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Hello everyone,

    Hope you guys are doing great. I am Fahim Abid. I did my MIS205 (Ebusiness) course with our honorable Mr. Adeyl Khan. This course will help understand the management behind E-business processes some of which you already use in your everyday life. Some of the topics are in-depth. Try to relate it with your life experiences than be afraid of the course.

    I will let you know about some of ‘life-hacks’ I followed for this course, which will make your lives easier:

    Policies and bonuses:

    Get yourself familiarized with the policies written in this website and the bonus opportunities. There are plenty of opportunities that will come in handy in the long run.

    • IOAs: They may seem really innocent and ignorable, but IOAs are one of the most important part of the course. Try not to miss any of them. Even if you fail to go through the books and slides, if you can memorize and understand the IOA questions, it can save your grade from devastation.
    • MIDs: Give full attention to class lectures and solve previous semesters’ mid questions. Give emphasis to charts, tables, and repetitive questions. Try to have a clear concept about the topics and you are good to go.
    • Labs & assignment: Try to understand what is being done in the lab classes and the reason behind doing this lab. Believe me, this will make things 50% easier. Take help from your classmates or your teacher if you are unable to understand any part of the lab. Group assignments are not only important for assignment marks; but also crucial for the broad questions in Mids. Doing it seriously will automatically prepare you for the Mids.

    A note about mental stability: At one point, this course may seem impossible to comply with- everything seems difficult. Stay calm and keep doing what you are supposed to do. You can never expect good grades without hardship. This is what it takes to be a future leader. Don’t think of this course as ‘pera’, instead take it as a challenge.

    I hope these suggestions will help you finish this course with ease and bring a good grade. If you have further questions, please feel free to leave a message at https://www.facebook.com/fahim.abid.716.

  • Jahin Tasnim Arpita

    This is how Jahin Tasnim Arpita got an A (mis207 @ 2018 Spring) .

    Hi fellow mates,
    I’m Jahin Tasnim Arpita. I did the E-business (MIS205)  with our respected Mr. Adeyl Khan and got an A. I also took my Computer Information System (MIS105) with him. I, not only did good with my grades but I can say that I have actually learned (experienced) the things under these syllabuses. I’m going to give you some guidelines to do well in your respective courses.
    The first and foremost one is, when you enter His class just forget whatever your heard about him and his classes. Because the students who would give weak reviews are most probably those students who are weak (below average) and goes to classes only thinking that they could get good grades just by making rapport with the faculties. So just ignore those comments. And now to concentrate on your studies things you really have to follow are:

    • Attend lectures daily, don’t miss classes- it describes the materials with lots of examples and other terms which really help to understand the topics. Also create a good impression to the faculty by being professional as he likes professionalism a lot and it will bring you various bonuses.
    • IOAs: don’t miss any IOAs. They carry 5% of the grades. And most importantly they will cover half of your preparations for your upcoming exams.
    • Lab woks: again, don’t miss labs. If you can’t understand anything about lab just visit the faculty during an office hours, he will help you to solve any problem.
    • GA: for group assignments you have to work a little hard. For forming groups, if you have friends you can fill a form that’s provided in the course website, and if you don’t the faculty assigns you to a groups. As soon as you are assigned to a group make good communication with your group mates, that will make half of your works easy. For doing the assignments, just follow the terms and formats provided. The faculty really likes works that follow assignment instructions directly and shows sophistication through their work. And again, for any kind of help the faculty is the best person to go and ask. He will give you more time in the office than in the class.
    • Exams: for exams just follow the class notes, slides, and IOAs (almost20/30% comes from IOAs as mcqs & true/false). Use examples to describe your answers. Don’t write anything just out of the blue (context), you will a zero for those. For preparations you should go through sample questions from previous semesters.

    Last but not the least, always maintain professionalism and be active in your works. He really admires and appreciates these two things. And for any kind of help or guideline you can always go to the faculty, he is always available in his office hours.
    Just try and follow these things for the class and you are good to go. The demotivating things you hear are just words from students who wants grades without any work and learning.
    Best of luck. For any help or query you can knock me here: https://www.facebook.com/jahin.arpi

  •  Bushra Sajjad

    This is how Bushra Sajjad got an A (mis207 @ 2018 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,
    Hope you are doing well. I am Bushra Sajjad and I did my MIS205 course with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring 2018. The course in itself is challenging, but it is possible to learn lot things and get a good grade with just some patience and effort. These are the tactics that have helped me the most in getting a good grade:

    • Attend all IOAs in time. You can take help from the book, slides and the internet. It is a good way to study for the chapters before exam. Make sure you review the IOA answers before the midterm and final exams as almost all MCQs and TFs come from them.
    • Solve the sample questions before midterms and final. You will find some questions common from them and also get an idea about the actual exam. While studying place focus on things like charts, diagrams, examples, advantages and disadvantages, and relevance within present world contexts. Try to have your concept clear in the topics as you will not always find direct answers to some of the questions in the book and slides.
    • For the group assignments and term project be sure to do substantial research work as they can be challenging. Try to have a draft reviewed by the faculty so you can know which parts need correction. You will also get questions from here in the midterms and final. So if you do them properly it will also help you answer those questions.
    • Try to get all the bonus points as they can immensely affect your final grade. You get a 3% bonus for attending all classes, 1% bonus for bringing your own laptop during lab sessions and more. You can look at the FAQ section of the website for more details on them.

    Hope this helps. If you need any other information or help regarding the course feel free to contact me by e-mail sajjadbushra50@yahoo.com. I hope you all have a wonderful semester!

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    This is how Abid Ahsan Rusho got an A (MIS107 @ 2018 Spring) .

    Hi everyone,
    I am Abid Ahsan Rusho and I did my MIS105 in Spring 2018 with the charismatic and honourable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan. The course itself may come off very difficult at first yet if you bear and persevere through you will realize that this course and faculty combination is one of the most fruitful courses.
    With several IOAs, Group Assignments, Presentations, Lab Assignments and the usual Midterm examinations and Finals, the course may come off as a daunting task at first. The course will certainly push you to learn in a practical manner requiring a lot of hard work. Regardless, with a good strategy and planning it is easy to get a good grade. The strategies that I recommend are:

    • Be serious about the IOAs from the very start. All the IOA answers are all from the Book and FAQ section of the website. Answering the IOAs will help you get a good grasp of the subject or topic that is being taught. Also, knowing the IOAs properly will help you get good marks in the MCQ/True False section of the Midterms and Final exam. 50% of the exam marks can be very easily obtained just knowing the IOAs.
    • Have at least an hour or an hour and a half allocated for MIS, if not every day then at least four or five days off the week. Consistency in studying any subject matters.
    • Answering the questions of Midterms and Final exam is very easy. Use past question papers and if you solve them then you will definitely be able to answer them properly.
    • Try to utilise the faculty's office hours as much as possible especially for group assignments, reports and lab work. He is always there during the office hours for providing you with guidance if you face any problems.
    • Try to get as many bonuses as possible. The course offers many bonus opportunities and these bonuses are very useful to increase your overall marks.
    • Try to show a draft copy off your reports or assignments before submission date to get A feedback so that you know that you are writing it according to instructions.
    • Give full concentration in class. Be sure that you have drawn the diagrams that sir draws on the board as these may come in the exam.
    • Overall, the outcomes of this course have been amazing to me. I can literally feel a change in how I manage time and work under pressure. It has taught me how to be more professional in my work approach. These are things that will not only help you in your education life but also in your personal and career life.

    Lastly, I would suggest people not to be influenced by bad rumours and reviews. The faculty is an amazing person. If he does give you the so called “pera” it is only because of your own betterment, trust me on this.
    If anyone needs any further help feel free to contact me at - https://www.facebook.com/abid.ahsan.56
    Best of luck everyone!