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    This is how Iraz Mohiuddin got an A (MIS207 @ 2018 Fall) .

    Hello everyone,

    I am Iraz Mohiuddin. I have completed my E-business (MIS-205) course under the guidance of Mr. Adeyl Khan in the semester of Fall 2018. This course covers numerous E-business related topics in a practical way. At first, the workload might seem overwhelming but if utilize your time properly and work smartly you can easily overcome that hurdle.

    Here are some tips which you may follow:

    • Class: Attend all of the classes and always be on time. Always concentrate on the lecture. Note down the mind maps/ diagrams.
    • IOAs: Don’t miss a single IOA not even the optional ones. Mcqs in the mid-terms and final come directly from the IOAs. For doing well in IOAs you’ll have to go through the book thoroughly.
    • Mid-term & Final: Solve...
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    This is how Nigar Shahjahan got an A (MIS107 @ 2018 Fall) .

    Hello Everyone!

    I am Nigar Shahjahan and I have completed my Computer Information System (MIS 105 ) with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Fall of 2018. First of all, I would like to talk a bit about the faculty. Some students drop the course because of the negative rumors, which is debatable. MIS 105 is one of the challenging courses and requires a student’s own effort besides the faculty’s assistance. I have loved and enjoyed the classes, and have learned a lot from the practical lab classes and group assignments. I have read the previous students’ success stories in the Hall Of Fame on Day 1 and learned that it is not impossible to achieve high grades as long as one gives his/her best effort. My target was to be in the Hall Of fame List since day 1 and I gave my best...

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    This is how Anika Bushra Lamisa got an A (MIS107 @ 2018 Fall) .

    Hello guys,

    Hope all are doing good. I am Anika Bushra Lamisa. I did the Computer Information System (MIS105) course with our respected faculty, Mr. Adeyl Khan and got an A. I can say that I have actually learned many things under all the contents of this course. The course is basically the introduction of information system in business purposes.

    Well, Information system related any topic was always a nightmare to me. When I took MIS105 course, it was quit challenging for me to do this course. During the introductory class, sir introduced the whole course outline and website to us. There are so many assignments and presentations, lab classes, IOAs on
    each chapter etc. I felt so nervous and was questioning myself, "Is it possible for me to...

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    This is how Reza Rafa got an A- (MIS107 @ 2018 Fall) .

    Hello good people!

    I’m Reza Rafa. I did my Computer Information System (MIS105 ) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the fall’18. I got A- in this course by the grace of almighty. From this course I learned a lot about MIS
    and I can see the future prospect of it. In my initial days of the course people told me to drop this course, but I didn’t because I loved the teaching tactic. The faculty was really helpful during his class. It was a sophisticated class and exciting as well. I got an A by following these tactics:

    • Attend all the classes. It will bring you bonuses as well
    • Don’t miss any IOA (online quiz) or lab. You need to be very punctual about the Lab submission and attending IOAs
    • Be professional and objective in class...
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    This is how Md. Ashraf Uddin Anik got an A (MIS207 @ 2018 Fall) .

    Assalamu Alaikum everyone,

    I am Md. Ashraf Uddin Anik. I hope you are all well by the grace of Almighty Allah. I have completed my Ebusiness (MIS205 ) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my course instructor in the fall 2018. I also did my Computer Information System (MIS105 ) course with him in the spring of 2018. I must say he is one of the most amazing faculties so far I have seen at NSU. I considered his teaching style effective and praise worthy although I understand some student find it difficult. Trust me it’s not difficult at all. The instructor provides every little details and even explain it nicely in the class and through this websites.

    Technology is ruling the world and you must adapt it as early as possible. Except midterms and final all other...

  • Nafis Ahmed Raiyan

    This is how Nafis Ahmed Raiyan got an A (MIS107 @ 2018 Summer) .

    On the first introduction class of the course I along with the others students were introduced to the course website. At first I was a bit shaky seeing all the tasks that laid ahead; IOAs, Group Assignments, Labs, Presentation etc. When I returned home that day, I thought of things “step-by-step”, and laid out a study plan for this course. Computer Inforamtion System (MIS 105) is an informative course, you will learn a lot of things about Management Information Systems at a basic level, which is required for the upcoming courses ahead.

    These are some of the ways through which you can do good in this course. These reflects my study patterns too:)

    Be serious and study regularly from the beginning: This is really important. Whenever a...

  • Basher Ahmed Reza

    This is how Basher Ahmed Reza got an A- (mis207 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Hello everyone,

    I am not going to lie that doing well in the Ebusiness (MIS 205) is a piece of cake. I had to put a lot of effort as it requires a lot of activities some of which I was not familiar with. I had to learn many new things and I had to learn a different way of study.

    I am going to make this note very objective and short for you to get a clear idea about the method I followed:

    • Attend all the classes. It is very important to attend all the classes because there are many novel ideas in this course.
    • Try to have a clear understanding about the class discussesion.
    • IOAs’ are very important. You will find similar type of questions in the mid-terms and final exams. If you attend the IOAs’ sincerely and study the...
  •  Jannatul Ferdouse

    This is how Jannatul Ferdouse got an A (mis207 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Hello Everyone,

    To begin with, MIS205 (Ebusiness) is both a practical and a theoretical course. If you have interest and/or knowledge about the online business sector this course will definitely entertain you. However if you have limited interest and/or is afraid of IS related courses, do not be scared. The course helps you understand numerous functions of e-business related topics in a practical manner. To ace this course you need is hard work and determination. Take it as a challenge and I am sure you will obtain a good grade.

    This course is challenging and will require you to study. However, with good strategy and focus it is easy to get a good grade. I hope these tips will help you:

    • Attend all the classes, you will get bonus for a perfect attendance...
  • K. Naveed Sultan

    This is how K. Naveed Sultan got an A- (MIS107 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Hello guys,

    Hope everything is fine. I received an A- in MIS105, instructed by Mr. Adeyl Khan,
    which is actually introduction to Information system (although it is written in the advising slip that it’s introduction to computer). This course gives an intro about the information systems, software, hardware, network, application in business of IS (Information System) etc.

    I’ll be very honest with you- at first, I thought that I was going nowhere with this course but as time went by, I started to figure out the methods of doing well in this course. The first thing that you need to do is be professional at all cost. The faculty admires and follows professionalism in every step. This includes being punctual in various activities throughout...

  • Lamia Jahan

    This is how Lamia Jahan got an A (mis207 @ 2018 Summer) .

    Hello everyone,

    I hope you all are doing great. I am Lamia Jahan. I did the MIS205 (E-Business) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Summer 2018 semester. I was aware of his style of teaching from the MIS105 (Computer Information System) course I did with him earlier. I had a wonderful journey- learnt many things and enjoyed the course.

    Some of the critical Facebook review might get you rather confused and even scared. I believe otherwise- you will have a great experience as you continue this course. Do not care about the reviews too much- most of the reviewers did not continue the course. I did and let me share my experience with you.

    Attend every class and be on time- It is very important and helpful to understand the chapters. Try to take notes- print the slides and...