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    This is how Saif Rahman got an A (MIS107 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello everyone!

    I am Saif Rahman and I have completed the course, Computer Information System (MIS107) with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my course instructor in the Spring 2020 semester. The course is not very difficult per say and I found the faculty to be amiable, cooperative and someone who expects professionalism from you.

    Just follow instructions and get support from the course website. Don’t get confused by some negative rumors which will just demotivate you and disrupts you from learning. If you can study smart, you’ll definitely get a good grade. You need to be focused and organized with your activities. If you face any difficulties do not hesitate to talk to the faculty. He will help you with all the information he can. Also, he makes the class enjoyable...

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    This is how Mahmudul Hasan got an A- (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello guys,

    Hope you all are doing great. I am Mahmudul Hasan. I did my MIS207
    (E-business) course with our honorable faculty member Mr. Adeyl Khan in
    the Spring, 2020. This course will help to understand the management behind
    E-business processes some of which you already use in your everyday life.
    Some of the topics are in-depth. Try to relate it with your life
    experiences than be afraid of the course.

    I’ll be telling the things what I did throughout the semester, which you
    can reciprocate to achieve your desired grade in this course. These
    reflects my study patterns too.


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    This is how Zarin Tassnim got an A (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Assalamualaikum Everyone,

    This is Zarin Tassnim, and I have completed the Ebusiness (MIS207) course
    during spring ’20 under our honorable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan (Ayn).
    Due to the covid19 pandemic, more than 60% of the semester was completed

    It has been a bittersweet journey being guided by the faculty throughout
    the entire semester, and I got to learn a lot of productive and profitable
    topics. The course is not easy, but if you maintain the guideline
    provided, you will be able to achieve your desired grade. It is a
    core course on Ebusiness, which needs more understanding of online
    research and real-life application.

    : I...

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    This is how Sumaiya Zaman got an A (MIS107 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,

    I am Sumaiya Zaman. I did MIS107 with one of the best faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan during the Spring’20 semester. Though we had faced so many ups & downs because of the pandemic, his guidance assisted us a lot. This course is designed in an easy way which will help you to get a good grade (only if you concentrate & collaborate profesesionally). I would like to suggest some ideas that helped me to get my desired grades, I hope this will help you too.

    Class attendance and participation- Try to attend all the classes with positive thinking (please do come earlier at least 5 min ago). For 100% attendance, you will get 3% bonus.

    Course website- Visit the course website regularly where you will get all the updates...

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    This is how Kowshik Ahmed Fahim- A second A got an A (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Greetings everyone,

    I hope you are in good health. I am Kowshik Ahmed Fahim and I have done the course, Ebusiness (MIS207) with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Spring 2020 semester. This is the second time I am writing here, and I wish you very good luck who are reading this. Follow few steps and you’ll also be ended up getting a very good grade and featured in the Hall of Fame.

    Though we started the course very normally but the sudden lockdown because of the pandemic, we’d to shift to the online classes and complete the course totally from home. Understanding the situation the faculty reduced the workload compared to previous semesters. So it became easier to get a better grade.

    As this semester, Summer 20, the course...

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    This is how Mehedi Hasan got an A (MIS107 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Assalamualaikum Everyone.

    I am Mehedi Hasan. I have completed MIS107 under Mr. Adeyl Khan in spring' 20 semester and had an amazing time throughout the course. I have to mention that the facuty has a great sense of humor and tries his best to present all his lectures in an interesting way.

    Being honest, the course is moderately tough and at some points, it gets very difficult to keep track of the course but all the course materials provided by the faculty helped me significantly to complete the course with a decent grade.

    Here's how I aced the course.

    Due to the pandemic, online classes were introduced and I was not at all interested in attending online classes as I feared that online classes won't be effective but I was wrong. The faculty gave a good effort to...

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    This is how Muntaha Ferdausi- A second A got an A (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    As-salamu alaykum everyone,

    I am Muntaha Ferdausi and I have done the course E-business (MIS207) with our respected faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan during Spring 2020. Though the semester was quite challenging due to pandemic, The fcaulty has made this journey easy on us. Some of you might find this course difficult at first but if you follow the instruction properly I ensure you will end up with a good grade. But to ensure an A grade, here are some tips you can follow:

    Course website: Make sure you register on the website the very first day and keep yourself updated with it. Check out the FAQ if necessary you can find every possible solution to your problems there.

    Online Classes: Make sure you pay attention...

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    This is how Ashimur Rahman got an A- (MIS107 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello everyone

    My name is Ashimur Rahman. I have completed the MIS107 course with one of the best faculties, Mr. Adeyl Khan in spring, 2020. The course helped me to have a good knowledge and sense of application from this course. It was truly an amazing journey. Here comes some tactics I suggest. 

    Online Class: 

    For the pandemic situation, we are doing the online class. It is the new version of education. But do not worry about it. The is quite good and very helpful. But you have to attend all of the classes and always be on time and try to participate as much as possible. I mention that you will receive 3% bonus for full attendance. 

    Course Website: 

    Course website is one of most...

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    This is how Ahnaf Jawad Ahmed got an A- (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .

    Hello everyone,
    I am Ahnaf Jawad Ahmed. I did MIS207 with  in the Spring’20 semester and received an A- . I will be sharing my experience with you guys so that you will have a guideline as to how you can get your desired grade.
    Managing the Pandemic- The Covid-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise and threw us in uncertainty. However, the key to maintaining a good mental health is to maintain a daily routine and perform all activities accordingly. We can do light physical exercise, meditate, or engage in a new hobby to keep ourselves busy.
    • Handling other courses- No great achievement comes in a day. We have to...
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    This is how Syed Muhammad Ali got an A (MIS207 @ 2020 Spring) .


    I am Syed Muhammad Ali and I did MIS207 under during the Spring 2020 semester. Our time was quite different. The time I did this course was a little unusual as the corona virus pandemic was going on. So we only had the chance to give our first mid. And then there was a final assignment. Apart from all these there were IOAs or online quiz which we had to attend. You can give quiz in the class that is offline but I would rather recommend to attend online. Quiz can only be given online or offline but not on both platforms for the same quiz. Then there were labs, GAs (Group Assignment) and also term project. There are plenty of ways to earn bonuses throughout this course. Let me explain the bonuses as this will enhance someone’s grade on a different level. I...