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    This is how Saad Amin got an A (MIS207 @ 2022 Summer) .

    Hello NSUers!

    I am Saad Amin and I was a class monitor. I enjoyed learning about E-business, which is relevant now and in the near future.

    I did the following to get an A.

    • I followed mind maps. It was beneficial to relate topics with other topics.
    • I took notes during class which helped my midterms and finals.
    • I prepared and answered the bonus question on the midterms and finals, which helped to improve my grades.
    • I used secondary resources like Google and Wikipedia to better understand the topics. If you are too lazy to search it on Google, ask the faculty during office hours. 
    • Group Study was the most important part of scoring good marks and smartly widening knowledge. Trust me, that helped me not to waste time.
    • I used...
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    This is how Asif Ahmed got an A (MIS207 @ 2022 Summer) .

    As-salamualaikum everyone,

    I am Asif Ahmed and I volunteered as a class monitor in this course. I believe this will be one of your most exciting courses ever. In addition you will develop some professional skills. 

    It was one of my wishes to see myself in the “Hall of Fame.” For this, 

    • I have concentrated on the slides to understand how every topic is connected. I made mind maps of every chapter to understand better.
    • I did not miss a single class.
    • I stayed focused on bonus tasks.

    Suggestions will help you get a decent grade, but you need to think out of the box for an outstanding grade. For further help, please reach me through FB (Asif Ahmed...

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    This is how Ahmed Morsalin got an A (MIS107 @ 2022 Summer) .

    Greetings everyone,

    It is my utmost pleasure to share my experience regarding getting an A in the MIS107.

    Most importantly, I always tried to complete my tasks regularly to ensure proper time management across different courses. 

    • Attend all the classes and labs. Try to participate by answering the questions asked in class.
    • Before exams, go through the question bank and lecture videos available on the course website. This will help you a lot.
    • Take notes and make a mind map of your own to solve the question bank. If you are confused, seek help from the faculty during office hours. 
    • Lastly, don't miss the opportunity of getting bonus marks which can significantly impact your grades in the end....
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    This is how Aktharuzzaman Opee got an A (MIS107 @ 2022 Summer) .

    Hello, Everyone.

    I want to recommend you a few techniques to get an A easily.

    1. Understand the slides from class. You can also get help from the lecture videos and mindmap.
    2. Participate in every bonus mark you can.
    3. Solve every sample question & MCQ bank before exams. This is very important. You can find those answers online or ask the faculty during office hours.
    4. Make every effort to complete the labs and group projects.

    I followed these techniques and got an A. I hope you will get it also. If you need any help with this course, feel free to knock me at https://www.facebook.com/FasterBoy007/

    Best of luck.

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    This is how Zarif Sakir Hossain got an A (MIS207 @ 2022 Summer) .

    Hey everybody, 

    This is Zarif Sakir Hossain, and I'd like to share the experience of how I got an A in the MIS207 course. I will break it down into three fundamental steps.

    The first step is to attend classes regularly and participate as much as possible. I am aware that the faculty may be intimidating at first, but he appreciates student who tries their best (other than Kacchi, of course). The class attempts to engage you with various questions, and you'll find yourself understanding the topics by actively engaging.

    The second step is to solve as many question papers as possible before the exams. This will familiarize you with the topics of the exams. For quizzes, the solution is the "Question Bank."

    Lastly, conduct...

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    This is how Md Washim Imran Boby got an A (MIS207 @ 2022 Summer) .

    Well, there is a dedicated website to help students to get good grades. I found it particularly useful.

    1. Promise to yourself to be present 5 min before the classes begin. Try to understand the lecture, take notes of the examples and match with the mindmaps later.
    2. Prepare yourself before every class by reading the slides.
    3. Participate in class only if you have some understanding of the topic. Refrain yourself from talking with your peers and mates during class.
    4. For Quiz,  read the Question-Bank.
    5. For Mids Complete the previous question papers at least for the last six semesters (it may sound like a lot, but if you organize, it's not as they are very similar).
    6. The most challenging part of this course is the...

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    This is how Raihan Noor Khan got an A (MIS207 @ 2022 Summer) .

    Hello guys,

    I am Raihan Noor Khan, and I got an A in my MIS207 (Ebusiness) course with
    our honorable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan in Summer 2022.

    The course was rather exciting. Now I lay out the strategies that helped

    • Firstly you will have to work hard, and it will pay off.
    • Follow Canvas regularly for updates and upcoming assignments, quizzes,
      and exams.
    • Attending every class is essential, and you will get an easy 3% bonus.
      Also, the lectures are equally helpful if you pay attention.
    • Pay attention to the quizzes. It will help you to get the relief of
      preparing yourself for the midterms and the...
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    This is how Imtiaz Anik got an A (MIS207 @ 2021 Fall) .

    Assalamualaikum everyone,

    I am Imtiaz Anik, and I have completed my course MIS207 (E-Business) under the guidance of our respected faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan in Fall 2021.

    The course was online because of the pandemic. I ensured I had access to a charged laptop and a stable internet connection for the class activities. In addition, I made sure I had backup devices and internet during classes and exams.

    During exam time, I watched the lecture videos, took notes, and referred to Mind Maps (that's a must). While taking notes, I wrote examples from an organizational perspective, making my concepts clearer. Also, solving previous exam papers helped me understand the question pattern. Moreover, before exams, the faculty solved a previous question paper in class which helped me figure...

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    This is how Jahidul Islam Riad got an A (MIS107 @ 2022 Spring) .

    Hello Everyone !

    I am Jahidul Islam Riad. I have done MIS107 with Mr. Adeyl Khan, the coolest faculty of NSU. 

    I followed all the instructions, lecture slides, and lecture videos. I also visited him during office hours whenever I had any confusion or question. He was very helpful.

    Getting an A was not that hard. Varsity life is all about chilling, but you must study at least 1 hour daily to enjoy your life and stay pressure free. Don't just memorize but try to understand and relate the topic with real life. There will be tons of bonus marks from the faculty, and never ever miss any of them. Even if you bring your laptop to the lab classes, you will get bonus marks. How Cool is that !!!

    Do not keep your study, assignments, and reports pending...

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    This is how A.K.M Rafiul Hasan got an A (MIS107 @ 2022 Spring) .

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm Rafiul Hasan from the BMD department. It is an honor to share my MIS107 journey with our respected Adeyl Khan.

    First, I'm from a whole other department, and it was my GED course. So understanding MIS was a little hard for me. The Business related things aren't from my field. I study microorganisms and bacteria all day long, so I had little idea about how businesses work.

    But through this course, the faculty was supportive. He explained the topics easily and interestingly. His labs helped me a lot with MS Excel and MS Access. However, I gave my best and did much hard work to get a good grade, and, Alhamdulillah, I got an A.

    If you want a good grade, keep a few things in mind:

    1. Be punctual.
    2. Be focused during the...