Outstanding students and how they did it!

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    This is how Kazi Lamia Haque got an A (MIS207 @ 2019 Summer) .

    Hello everyone,
    I am Kazi Lamia Haque, and I have done the MIS 207 course with none other than Mr. Adeyl Khan in this Summer 2019 semester. This course mainly comprises of how recently more businesses are adopting an online approach and “E-commerce”. Though you might hear rumours that this course is difficult, but with my experience I would beg to differ.
    The faculty has designed this course in a way that makes the course load far less hectic. In my experience, while the course may seem very difficult in the beginning, remaining focused and objective in the classes allowed me to score well in the exams.
    GAs: While most of the GAs are optional, I would insist that you submit them. Not only will the bonus from the presentation boost your grade, but this will help you to answer broad questions in your mids and the final.
    IOA: Complete all the quizzes. And most importantly don’t forget to study them before the exam. Sometimes you will find answers for the short questions in these very IOAs. And you can answer all the mcqs and true/false questions just by studying the ioas.
    Sample Questions: If you want to ace the exams easily, your best bet would be to practice all the past papers. You are sure to get something in common guaranteed. Also, don’t forget to print the latest paper the immediate class before the exams to get an 1% bonus.
    Course Website: The course website was very useful to me, as I found all the study material arranged in one place. Not only I found announcements which gave me a reminder, the frequently updated marksheet allowed me to remain on track. I would suggest you to familiarize yourself with the course website as you will be here very frequently for the next 4 months. Did I mention that finding errors on the website gives you a bonus of 1% towards your Midterm 2? Well it does. In the meantime, don’t forget to view the bonus policy in the FAQ section.
    Lab: Attend and Submit all labs including the bonus one, trust me it will help you answer the broad questions in the exam. Also, brining the laptop awards you a 1% bonus too.
    Presentation: Try to give all of them including the optional ones with most of your group members. It is an easy bonus of 1% towards your GA.
    Bonus: You have the opportunity for many different kinds of bonuses to elevate your grade. I would suggest everyone to make the best use of it. Even simply attending all the classes gives you a bonus of 3% towards your final examination.
    I really hope my advice was helpful to you regarding how to handle this course. It really isn’t that difficult you you are willing to put in just a bit of effort. If you still need help, feel free to contact me to Facebook at : https://www.facebook.com/lamia.haque.k

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    This is how Mehrub Ul Haque got an A (MIS207 @ 2019 Summer) .

    Assalamu Alaikum everyone,
    I am Mehrub Ul Haque. I hope you are all doing well. I did the MIS207 (E-Business) course under Mr. Adeyl Khan in the summer 2019 semester. The course is not very hard. If you worried about workloads, do not worry as the workload is significantly reduced. Most of the assignments are now optional. But to get an A, be focused and do the optional tasks. To keep focus on activities, consider keeping a note (weekly to-do list) on your phone. Trust me that will help a lot. Here are some suggestions that you may follow.

    • Classes: Do not miss your class, try to attend them all as there is a bonus for it at the end of the semester. Listen well in the class and note the diagrams which will help you in your exam.
    • Exams: Exams are quite easy. Please, study the sample questions of previous years from the website. Be objective and you will surely get good marks. Also the IOA, all the MCQ will be from the IOA so do those even if they are all optional. Lastly, don’t miss the review class before exam where he will discuss about some short questions and most importantly the broad question. Even after that if you do not understand something do not hesitate to get help from the faculty during office hours.
    • IOAs: Even if most/all of them become optional do not miss them for the above reasons. They do not take much time. Also try to do them as they arrive, that way if there is any wrong answer you can notify the faculty about it and get bonus.
    • Lab Assignments: Follow the instructions in the lab class. All you need to do is repeat the same in your home or in the lab if you can and submit it through google classroom. It is quite easy to do. In case you miss it or don’t understand something go to him during the office hours. The faculty is rather helpful.
    • Group Assignments- Chose your team mates carefully. This was the challenging part for me. Do not submit your report before getting a review from the instructor. He will help you out if you did something wrong in the report. So, be sure to get your reports checked before submitting it.
    • Bonus: there are several ways to get bonus in this course. Keep an eye out for them and try to get as many as you can. You can get bonus for simple things. Like brining your laptop in lab class and following the instructions, attending an extra class and so on. Try to not miss them.

    Lastly, try to have enjoy the classes and do your work on time. That way you will have a fun ride throughout the course. For me, I really enjoyed the course and I found the faculty helpful. If you have any further queries you can contact me through Facebook https://www.facebook.com/mehrub.ulhaque
    Good luck everyone. Hope you all have an excellent time like I did.

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    This is how Yaron Nezleen Amin got an A (MIS107 @ 2019 Summer) .

    Hello guys,
    I am Yaron Amin , and I have done the course MIS 107 –Management Information System with Mr. Adeyl Khan in the Summer 2019 semester .I will suggest you guys to remember the following points.

    • Please be regular when it comes to attending lecture. Near about 90-100%. Attendance gives you the chance to get 3 more marks at the end,that’s equivalent 1 grade !
    • If possible please buy the book- Introduction to Information Systems 16th edition by George M. Marakas and James O Brien or collect the online pdf. Although the lectures and slides are good for your preparation, you must keep this book for your extra benefit.
    • Although all online IOA are optional, you get an extra benefit in creating account in course website and attending those IOA’s. This is because all IOA questions are generally the questions in the exercise of your book and you get a plenty of time (often 2 days) to submit online. During the IOA’s, search the book and online for anwers.
    • Bring laptop on every lab classes if possible and get 1 bonus marks

    The faculty believes in professionalism. Please be as professional as possible.

    • Don’t be late in classes, lab or exams .
    • Please don’t cheat in exam. This will result in fails/
    • After submitting your Group Assignment (GA) give your presentation in the office hours .You are not getting any bonus mark if you are missing presentations.
    • Please don’t copy others while constructing the report .Again; Plagiarism is strictly prohibited.

    For exams I will advice you guys to go through the previous semester’s question paper. Please solve the questions and prepare answers in notes. Solving earlier question papers gives you bonus marks. Check your answers consulting with the facylty during the office hour. You then have a huge opportunity to get more that 90% in Mids and Finals. Also, if possible include diagram .I remember– “Diagram is easy and a simple way to represent on point answers to the questions."
    Although I am majoring in Economics , I find a lot of interest in Management Information Systems after I have done the course. I wish I could get his classes again. I strongly believe anybody from any department will like Management Information Systems after doing course with Mr. Khan. I think his background as an Electrical Engineer especially prepares him to teach a course like Management Information Systems. I hope that all of you will have an amazing semester. For further problems please knock me in facebook. My facebook profile link is - https://www.facebook.com/yaron.nezleen

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    This is how Sumaita Alim got an A (MIS107 @ 2019 Summer) .

    Assalamualaikum Everyone.
    Its an honour for me to be included in this page. I am Sumaita Alim and I got the chance to do the MIS107 course under the faculty member Mr. Adeyl Khan during the Summer 2019 semester.
    With the blessings of ALLAH the almighty I got an A grade in this course . This is my journey .
    Intro of the course:
    This course concentrates on management in information system. Its not a very easy course but if you are regular, follow the teacher’s instructions and take notes it will be easy.
    The course load:
    In this course there is a number of assignments- group assignments, bonus assignments etc. So yes it has a good load in here. But it is well organized for the students and if you follow the instructions on the course website it is easy to do. There are ample time to complete the assignments. Moreover in the course websites you will find instructions on how to proceed with your work. You will also get the FAQ page in the course website where you can find answers to your questions regarding the course. The faculty makes the class interactive and has methods where he makes mind maps over different topics which makes the topic easy to understand .
    All you have to do is follow the course website and the faculty instructions. Please be present in classes this will help you get the bonus.
    Exam preparation:
    During the exams you should follow the course website instructions on how to prepare for exams. You must solve the previous questions it will help you to score high. While studying follow the ppt files and notes.
    Assignment preparation:
    You must not include unwanted points in the assignments. You must proceed according to the website. And be very conscious because these assignments can bring bonus points rewarded by the teacher. Be very sophisticated and professional with these assignments as our faculty is ver punctual and professional.
    Hope all of you will have a great course.

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    This is how Raihan Noor Khan got an A (MIS107 @ 2019 Summer) .

    Hello guys,

    I am Raihan Noor Khan and I've done my MIS107 (Computer Information System) course with our honourable faculty Mr. Adeyl Khan in the semester Summer 2019. I got an A. It was an exciting to do the course and here are some strategies that helped me to obtain A in this course.

    • Firstly you will have to work hard.If you can work hard,trust me it will pay off.
    • Attending every class is important and for that you can get bonuses as well. Every lecture is equally important.
    • Follow the website on a regular basis for updates and upcoming assignments, IOA and exams.
    • Pay full attention in the class and do not miss any of the IOA's. It will help you to get the relief of preparing yourself for the MID and Final exam. Because you will get 100% questions (MCQ/True or False)from the IOA's in your MID and Final.
    • Try to solve the previous semester questions for getting common questions for short/broad question part.
    • Submit all the GA's and LAB's on time. If you submit optional GA's and LAB's then you will also get bonus points.
    • Form your group carefully. By proper team work you can do well in GA's otherwise its quite impossible to ensure a good grade.
    • Make sure you bring a laptop in your lab classes to get a bonus. You must pay attention to your Lab classes otherwis you will be lost.

    If you can do this you are fine enough for getting an A. Thank you all have a wonderful semester. Feel free to contact me via Facebook if you need any help.

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    This is how Muhtasim An-Nafi got an A- (MIS107 @ 2019 Summer) .

    Hello Guy's,
    I'm Muhtasim-An-Nafi and I have done the "Computer Information System (MIS-107) course with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my course instructor in the Summer 2019 semester. Throughout the semester i followed some strategies and I ended up with A-.

    • Follow the course website and read all the FAQs to know all the rules and requirements.
    • Try to attend all the classes(100% attendance) for a 3% bonus on your final grade.
    • I will recommend not to miss any of the IOAs because the quiz are quite exactly the same that you will encounter in midterms and final.
    • Choose your group mates carefully for group assignments.Try to complete every single assignment and submit it on time on google classroom.The broad questions in midterms and final are from the labs and assignments so, completing group assignments are very important and you may also get 1% or 2% bonus if you complete optional assignments.
    • Lab classes are fun.You will learn a lot about MS WORD, MS EXCEL, MS ACCESS etc. During the lab class just follow the instructions and bring a laptop to get 1% bonus
    • Solve previous semester's question papers and try to understand the concepts. You may also get bonus points for solving the scripts.
    • Visit the faculty during the office hours if you are facing any complications.

    I hope i was able to helpful to you but if you still have any queries or need any help feel free to knock me on Facebook anytime.

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    This is how Md. Naimul Hassan got an A- (MIS107 @ 2019 Summer) .

    'Hello there!
    My name is Md Naimul Hassan and I did the MIS 107 course with Mr. Adeyl Khan as my faculty in the Summer 2019 semester. To be very honest with you, this course is not a piece of cake but everything seems easy when you study. Yet it was a great pleasure to do this course with the faculty. The faculty upholds professionalism and he always tells us ’try to do everything professionally’.
    Initially you may find this course a bit complicated but speaking from my personal opinion, once you figure out the course strategies, it is going to be a lot easier. Since the course is not that easy, the faculty will provide you great chances to gain a lot of bonus marks throughout the semester in different ways and that’s one of the prime keys how you will end up getting a successful grade i.e. A/A-.
    Here are some tips which I followed from the previous students’ success stories in hall of fame and you may follow these as well

    • FAQ: First of all, go through the FAQ zone of his course website and read out all the rules and I presume most of your confusions regarding his policy will be solved.
    • Course website: Bookmark it or add it in your browser and keep an eye on it throughout the semester because this is where you will get all the updates about the course. All the IOAs, assignment, lab and bonus description will be delivered to you throughout the semester.
    • Attendance and participation: Try to maintain full attendance in order to get an additional bonus of 3%. Try to catch the fun examples which involve ‘’kacchi pakki’, these are funny yet catchy way of understanding the terms.
    • IOAs: For IOAs, solve the quiz of every chapters (the answer is given at the end of the book). These are mostly the exact MCQ/TF that appears in the quiz/mid/final exam and beside you can practice the optional quiz from the course website too.
    • Mids and final: Honestly you won’t even have to read the book to do well, follow the slides solemnly and practice all the sample question answers. Well, you can also use the internet to find answer of these questions. Make sure that your answers are correct, the faculty will check your answers and provide you feedback if you meet him during his office hour. It’s better to mention that some of these questions will appear in your exam as well, so it’s very easy to do well.
    • Lab work: This is basically very simple and easy to follow. Follow the faculty’s instruction and you will be good to go. Yet there are some stages you may miss to catch, in that case the faculty will help you a few minutes after labs to help students, so make sure you come forward with your problems. And for lab exams, you will have to submit the work in google classroom and if you bring a laptop you will get a 1% bonus mark and like I said, bonuses will save you in the end.
    • Group Assignment (GA): This is very important to choose your groupmate wisely and then complete every individual assignment and submit it within the scheduled time in google classroom. Don’t avoid any GA because the broad questions in the mid/final will come from these assignments. Thus, keep a constant communication with your groupmate and see how much work is done. If you face difficulty in doing the assignment you can always seek for support.
    • Presentation: Fix a date with the faculty and present your assignment in his office. The faculty will listen to your presentation and he will provide feedback regarding your assignment. Presentation is optional but if you do, you will get 1% bonus. So don’t skip any opportunities to get your desired grade.

    I hope I was able to give you an overall idea that is not hard to get a desired grade if you follow his strategies. For further queries you can always talk with the faculty in his office hour, he is very cooperative and will help you or join the Facebook group. For further assistance, feel free to knock me up. Here is my fb link : https://www.facebook.com/sabbir.pro.hassan
    Lastly I would like to say that don’t give up so quickly before even trying. There will be many people who will try to demotivate you throughout this course but make sure you believe in yourself and give your best!
    Thank you. ''

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    This is how Abyaz Auntorip Karim got an A (MIS107 @ 2019 Summer) .

    Hello everyone!
    I’m Abyaz Auntorip Karim and I’ve done the MIS107 (Computer Information System) during the summer 2019 semester with Mr. Adeyl Khan. I believe him to be one of the warm and impeccably helpful faculties I’ve ever come across in North South University.  
    This course introduces the students to the business-based Information System. In this modern era engagement of computers and information systems in business is inevitable, majority of the enterprises use information and communication technology hence this course will be very informative and helpful for your career.
    From the very beginning, it has been my target to be in the "Hall of Fame" and, by the all mighty’s grace, I managed to secure an A. There were some strategies which I followed to help me secure this grade, I’ll try to give a short and simple description of those strategies in the following paragraph.
    1) Reality-check: I am stating this point at the very first because, many of you might want to drop the course assuming the course is critical or your faculty is not amiable. Take a reality-check that no course is easy without proper hard work. Don’t attend the classes keeping certain rumors in mind- This might disrupt your focus, leading you to a substandard grade.
    2) Course website: The course website is going to be your best friend throughout this course. At the very first day read the FAQs and Policies to get acquainted with the rules and requirements. You’ll get almost every answer regarding to the course in the website.
    3) Professionalism: Dress professionally (wear formal shoes and shirts) and do not be late to the classes whilst keeping a mental note of the things Mr. Adeyl Khan says in the introductory class.
    4) Attendance and class participation: Do not skip classes. A lot of information is given in every class, so if you be absent in a class there will be a big gap in your understanding of the chapters. Keep notes of the various diagrams that are drawn on the board as they will help you get a summary about the topic at a glance. Be attentive in class and do not hesitate to answer the sudden questions the faculty will ask, even if you’re wrong. It’ll only help you further your knowledge.
    5) Course load and studying pattern: For this course the best way to study is to study the slides, it will give you a clear idea about the chapter(s). In short, the slides are the answers to the short questions that you face in the exam. Focus mostly on the diagrams. Most of the questions require diagrams and labelling. So, you need to memorize, practice and most importantly, understand the diagram. Always go through the checked midterm papers and find out the mistakes you made. Talk to the faculty if you are confused about the right answer of the question. This will help you to find your gaps and work on them in the next exam.
    6) Assignments and bonuses: Solve all the IOA, even the optional ones because MCQs in the mid-terms and final come directly from the IOAs. For GA choose your group mates wisely, team up with the good students and do all the GAs. Do all bonus assignments for the extra marks. There is a lot to learn from the assignments that you can benefit in the long run and will be helpful for further courses.
     7) Examinations: The hack to a good grade is to solve sample papers; solve all the sample papers you can find in the course website. If you are confused with any answer, you may take it to Mr.Adeyl Khan in his office hours. Majority of the MCQs in the mid-terms and final come directly from the IOAs. The broad questions are usually based on the lab work or GA. The answers to the short questions can be found in the slides.
    Best of luck! I would like very much to help you studying for the course and feel free to contact me on Facebook messenger at https://www.facebook.com/auntorip

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    This is how Nishat Nailah got an A (MIS207 @ 2019 Spring) .

    Assalamualaikum everyone,
    I’m Nishat Nailah and I have done the "Ebusiness" course (was MIS205 and now MIS207) with the faculty member Mr. Adeyl Khan as my course instructor in the Spring 2019 semester. It was an honor doing this course with respected  faculty. I obtained an A by following some strategies.

    • Being professional and objective in class is very important. Attending every class will bring bonus points.
    • Taking down notes, especially the practical examples are helpful for the better understanding of his lectures.
    • Practice previous semester’s question papers and prepare well before the exam. Try to understand the concepts rather than memorizing it.
    • Following the course website on a regular basis will help you to keep updated about the upcoming works and announcements.
    • Don’t miss any of the IOAs. Submit all the assignments on time. Try to keep everything to the point in group assignments and don’t give details that are not wanted by the assignment topic in your report.
    • Cooperate as much as possible with the faculty. Visit the faculty during any office hours if you have any confusion. This will save precious time.
    • Review the bonus policies from the course website and try to achieve each of them. Try to bring laptop in the lab classes and attend all the classes.

    If you face any problem regarding the course, please contact the faculty as soon as possible during the office hours. You can also visit the face book page of this course. Wish you all the very best and may the odds be in your favor in sha ALLAH.
    Nishat also got an A in MIS105

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    This is how Faysal Ahmed got an A (MIS207 @ 2019 Spring) .

    Hello guys!

    I am Faysal Ahmed and I have done the MIS205 (E-Business) course with our respected faculty member Mr. Adeyl Khan as my course instructor. As the name suggests this course is about E-business; how businesses are adopting E (going digital) and their problems and solutions. You will learn about other things that are of immense value in this digital era of business.

    The faculty has tried his best to reduce the workload by offering lots of bonuses and keeping a lot of things as optional. Your focus should be to do well in exams and also to earn all the bonuses. I’ll be honest with you, I found the course load overwhelming at first but I kept focus and followed guidelines (see below) and surely aced in the exams. Here are some tips that you can consider to help you reach your goal:

    • FAQ: First of all read the FAQ section in the course website to get acquainted with all the rules and also to answer most of your questions.
    • Course Website: Bookmark the course website as you will need to visit this site frequently for all sort of resources and updates.
    • Classes: Classes are very interactive as the faculty frequently asks questions to the students. Try your best to maintain full attendance for a 3% bonus at the end of the course. 
    • IOAs: A lot of IOAs are optional. But I’ll strongly recommend that you attempt all of them as MCQS in mids/final comes directly from the IOAs including the optional ones. So attempt all the IOAs.
    • Mids and final: To be honest I didn’t read the book for once throughout the course because all the lecture slides are self-sufficient for exams. I used to solve the previous question papers to have an idea about what was important. You can find them on the course website under the “sample question” section. Oh, there’s a bonus for solving one sample question and showing it in the class before a midterm/final. Rewards like these make you feel life is not that hard. 
    • Lab: 2 lab classes and one exam. Be as attentive as you can on lab classes. Bring a laptop to get an easy bonus.
    • GA and presentations: Again, you’ll have bonus presentations but I suggest that you take every opportunity to reach your goal. Presentations are held at the faculty's office room.

    I hope I could give you an idea that getting your desired grade in this course is not that hard. It's up to you if want to work for it. For further assistance, you can always knock me up in facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faysalandhisguitar