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    This is how Noshin Nawar got an A () .

    Getting an A in a course like MGT 314 is not easy, you have to work hard for it. The best way is to read the chapters thoroughly, try to understand the concepts. Read the slides and relate the topics with the book. Attend all the IOAs. They not only give you a chance for better grade, but they also allow you to better prepare for the midterms/finals. Practice the problems. Also try to solve the sample questions from previous semesters which are available in the website. One huge advantage of doing the course with Ayn sir is that he gives a lot of opportunities for scoring bonus points. These points are based on your participation, try to score them. Follow the guidelines and consult with sir if you face any difficulties.
    One last advice, do not wait till the night before exam to prepare for it. Try to maintain a schedule. Communicate regularly with your group...

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    This is how Syed Hasin Sadeque got an A (MGT 314 @ 2013 Fall) .

    Reviewing the IOAs before an exam, research of topics or sub-topics that are difficult to grasp, preparing the cheat sheet, with priority to the formulas, and focusing on the highlighted points in a chapter. That is basically how I faced this course.

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    This is how Abhishek Nandi got an A (MGT 314 @ 2013 Summer) .

    I mostly followed the text book for Mgt 314 course. I gave more emphasis on the topics covered by the lecturer in the class. For the midterms and final, l practiced the mathematical questions covered by the instructor. The questions will contain a lot of mathematical problems, so it will be very helpful if you concentrate more on those. There are sample questions provided in the website which will provide a good idea about the question pattern. I was very careful about doing well in IOAs as those carry a lot of marks. For assignments and projects, I followed all the information and samples provided in the website. So, I would like to say that, you need to be very sincere about the course and follow all the instructions of the lecturer thoroughly. Then it’s not very hard to get an A....

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    This is how Nafisa Hakim got an A (MIS107 @ 2013 Summer) .

    I got an A in MIS 105 by studying both the book and the slides. Scoring good in every exam is important. I followed all of your instructions and studied according to it. I was really attentive to the class and because of my good class performance, i got good grades.

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    This is how Fazlul Karim Chowdhury got an A (MIS207 @ 2013 Summer) .

    The simplest way to obtain A in the course is to follow each and every rules of our instructor; Mr. Adeyl Khan. I always checked out the course website and did every task the instruction.

    In each IOA, I was serious to study the course book. This helps me to do well in Mid-terms and Final exams. Before exams, I took important notes in the cheat-sheet which also helped me in the exam hall.

    I prepared the Assignments by maintaining all the instructions and got help from the samples which were provided in course website. In the term project, I went to my company physically and gathered information as the directions of the instructor.

    I always went to Mr. Adeyl Khan when I faced any difficulties and he helped and showed me the right directions.


  • Kashfiya Nawrin

    This is how Kashfiya Nawrin got an A () .

    For this course I followed materials include the book, lectures and slides (books especially). I finished reading the chapters on daily basis. Regular study helped me a lot. My regular attendance also helped me to increase my percentage.
    Before sitting on the exam, I thoroughly read the materials I mentioned above the paragraph. While reading I could find my gaps and note those on my cheat sheet. In case of lab preparation; several times I practiced it at home and then if I found any problem, I would find my instructor in his office hours and he helped me and also showed me the proper way to do that with very friendly behavior.
    I was very benefitted with the assignments. But it is the work to perform very sincerely according to the guidelines as I followed and got good marks. Communication gap with the group members can cause of troubling in assignment...

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    This is how Tausif Bari got an A () .

    Getting an "A" grade in all the three courses was quite difficult, especially in MGT 314 but it was possible only with hard work. It is a must to attend all the classes because the lectures are as important as self-study and also for the bonuses for attendance, etc. I once even got a bonus for the 'best cheat sheet' so you never know what you can get a bonus for. It is important to prepare your cheat sheets with utmost care because this is like a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity" at NSU and helps a lot during exams! Also for the assignments you must follow all the instructions provided (policies, etc) and consult with Sir from time to time as his guidance really helps. Last but not the least I would like to quote Mike Tyson, who said, "As long as we persevere and endure, we can get anything we want."
    Best of luck!

    Courses and Sessions: MIS 105 (Fall 2012),...

  • Tasnim Mahbuba Rahman

    This is how Tasnim Mahbuba Rahman got an A (mgt314 @ 2013 Spring) .

    I tried to understand the topics that were discussed in the class and also went through the book which helped me prepare for the exams. I also gave importance to the IOAs and gave those online quizzes honestly. Rather than depending on the “cheat sheet”, I tried to understand the critical topics and discussed my problems with the faculty. During our group project, I communicated with my group members regularly to make sure we weren’t behind schedule. A simple advice for all of you: Try to find out the answers from the sample questions that are given in the website. It really helped me a lot to get an A! Good luck J

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    This is how Nafis Fuhad Khan got an A (MIS107 @ 2013 Spring) .

    Getting an A in a subject is not so easy. It is a combination of hard work and regularity. Read all the lecture slides and text books regularly and study till night before the exam. IOA is an important thing which help to get a good grade. I practice IOA regularly. Solve the complex issues with Internet search, group study and also got help from instructor. When i felt any problem, i just asked the instructor about it. I attended all the classes and also worked hard in making the group assignments, project. A good group project is essential for better grade. Last of all, Study Hard !! By follow this steps i got an A. :)

  • Mohammed Irad Khan

    This is how Mohammed Irad Khan got an A (mgt314 @ 2013 Spring) .

    To be honest, my way of getting an A might not be the best way possible but it worked for me as most of the time I study for the exams this way. I always used to start one day before the exam dates and used to allocate around 3 hours for each chapter. Going through the entire chapters from the book is a must if someone wants to do well in the exams and the IOAs are also to be taken very seriously. The IOAs also help to prepare for the exams in advance. The review or the sample questions from the website also helped a lot during the exam. For the presentation and group report, it is essential to take help from Sir during his office hours and use the office hours effectively. Finding fun in the way of education is the only shortcut of achieving success in education.